GTA Online player outlines ridiculous solo grinding strategy

An image of the rewards of grinding in GTA Online.

An image of the rewards of grinding in GTA Online.

While it can be tempting to whittle away the hours in GTA Online by messing around in swimming pools and occasionally making a submarine fly, some players choose to take things a little more seriously.

For these ambitious souls, life in Los Santos is all about the grind, no matter whether the goal being targeted is having enough pocket change to buy a small country or dominating the tennis minigame in a manner befitting your username.

In the case of one player, it’s the former, with them having worked on an in-depth plan that’ll allow them to maximise their earnings from the various jobs added by the game’s updates.

Nightclub mission? Check. Payphone hit? Check. Cayo run? Check…

This is the subject of a thread in the GTA Online subreddit, which began with a post from the player in question, user Kingofgmaes, who shared an image of a massively complex GTA grinding strategy written in their notes app, asking: “should I add to this or change it to maximise profits?”

The reaction of their GTA peers was mixed, with some simply suggesting that playing in this manner might not be the best way to approach the game.

For example, user Onlyfurrcomments pulled no punches, saying: “This looks like you have a part-time job” and thatguy11m asking: “Honestly thinking, how many hours in a day is this? At what point would actually working a job that pays you for the same hours you used to grind make sense?”

User Dookieie was one of those to wonder where the fun in this GTA work was supposed to lie, leading _Abe_Froman_SKOC to respond: “For a lot of folks, the grind is what is fun about the game. It gives you a level of control and accomplishment you may not be getting in your life, and it adds structure to a game that lets you do anything you want which can be daunting considering there is so much to do.”

A few possible proponents of this ethos offered some pointers to help improve Kingofgmaes’ strategy, with NahLoso saying: “Set your spawn location to nightclub. As soon as your session loads, you'll receive a text that either someone in the club needs to be thrown out or some drunk VIP needs to be driven home. Both increase club popularity quickly.”

On the other hand, user ninja6213 recommended a radical redesign of the strategy, saying: “buy all supplies, take a nap, buy more supplies, rinse and repeat”.

Regardless of whether you incorporate naps into your GTA sessions, make sure to follow us for more GTA Online and GTA 6 updates as new content arrives.

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