Fortnite 20.30 - Release Date Confirmed, Star Wars Skins, Server Downtime, and Patch Notes

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We're a good way into Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 now and it's time to get ready for the third downtime update of the season. The Fortnite 20.30 update is due in just a few hours.

20.30 should be a massive one, following a few disappointing updates, and the rumours back that up.

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Latest News & Leaks

2 May 2022 - Update Out Tomorrow

It's nearly time, the Fortnite 20.30 update is out tomorrow.

Over the next 24 hours, we should hear more about what to expect from the update and the leaks will really begin once the downtime begins tomorrow morning.

We'll have all the details you need as they're revealed.

29 April 2022 - Release Date Confirmed

Ahead of it going live next week, it has now been confirmed that the Fortnite 20.30 update is on schedule.

As @iFireMonkey on Twitter says, the 20.30 update has been added to staging servers, which means it's due to release next week, bar any unexpected delays.

April 26 - Lightsaber Quests Coming?

As a part of the Star Wars content, it seems like Lightsabers will be returning to Fortnite with 20.30, but this time alongside some quests featuring them.

This is according to the ever reliable @Hypex, but we'll know for sure next week.

When Is the Fortnite 20.30 Release Date?

Much like every other regular Fortnite update, Fortnite update 20.20 will go live on Tuesday morning, May 3.

The patch will start rolling out from 1am PT/9am BST, but the servers will remain down for a little while after.

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What Is the Server Downtime?

As we said, there will be some server downtime before Fortnite update 20.30 goes live for everyone to download.

From 12am PT/8am BST, the Fortnite servers should be taken down and matchmaking will be disabled. You'll see @FortniteStatus tweet about it once it happens.

Over the next few hours, while the servers are down, the leakers will try to figure out everything that's new. This time, we know quite a lot about what to expect, which we'll talk about below.

By 3am PT/11am BST at the absolute latest, Fortnite should be back to normal with all of the new content live for you to check out.

Are Fortnite Star Wars Skins Returning?

The Fortnite 20.30 update is landing on May 3 for one reason and one reason only: Star Wars day is just one day later.

Various Star Wars skins came to Fortnite a couple of years ago, returning for May 4 in 2020.

Once again, they're due to return alongside the 20.30 update in a couple of weeks. May the force be with you.

Will There be More Fortnite Star Wars Content for May 4, 2022?

That is unlikely to be the end of the Star Wars content included in the 20.30 update.

First of all, dataminers have discovered a Stormtrooper NPC that was added in update 20.20, and you'll be able to find them around the island soon. All they will do is shout "rebel scum" at you when you get too close. They don't do a whole lot else.

We wouldn't be surprised if more Star Wars NPCs are added to the game with the update, so keep an eye out.

All manner of different Star Wars content could also be added to Fortnite with update 20.30. Over the past few months, various rumours have circulated about an entire Star Wars season being in the works. Some players even expected Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 to be entirely Star Wars focused.

Whether it be Star Wars planet themed map changes, more NPCs wandering around the named locations, or famous ships flying overhead, the possibilities are endless.

As more Star Wars content is figured out and we get more details on Fortnite's 20.30 update, we'll be sure to keep you updated.

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