How to Get Fortnite Coachella Outfits

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Image of two Fortnite Coachella outfits.

Festival season is here, and everyone's favourite battle royale is here to celebrate. A new range of Fortnite Coachella outfits have landed in the Item Shop, letting you kit out your character with some festival-themed attire. This guide is here to walk you through all of the exciting new additions, so you're ready to hop out the Battle Bus.

This Fortnite guide will explain what the new Fortnite Coachella outfits are, on top of the other new cosmetic items that also landed alongside it. We'll also discuss how you actually get these new items - and be warned, it involves spending real-life money.

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How Do I Get The Fortnite Coachella Outfits?

As with most items in Fortnite, the only way to get the new Coachella outfits is through the Item Shop. It's the microtransaction-laden storefront where almost all the cosmetics are available, so it's no surprise that these festival getups are there too.

The Fortnite Coachella outfits landed in the Item Shop on April 15, 2022. There are two available: Lyric and Wilder. Both will set you back 1,500 V-Bucks unless you opt for the combined pack that costs 2,800 V-Bucks.

To get them, all you need to do is boot up Fortnite, scroll across to the Item Shop, and pick the set you want to purchase. Just make sure you've loaded up some V-Bucks onto your account, so the transaction goes through without a hitch!

Image of the Lyric outfit on Fortnite.
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What Are The Fortnite Coachella Outfits?

As with all cosmetic items in Fortnite, these new Coachella outfits are exactly that: new designs for your Fortnite character to wear. As with all other cosmetics in the game, there's no gameplay benefit to wearing them, or exclusive abilities to unlock. Instead, it just lets your Fortnite avatar fit the festival atmosphere of Coachella.

These new Coachella outfits join a long line of cosmetics that have entered the Battle Bus over the years. Recent promotions included Boba Fett, Bruno Mars, and even Ezio from Assassin's Creed. While these Coachella may not be quite as exciting as those licensed deals, it'll certainly give your Fortnite character that summery feel.


Fortnite Coachella Items List

On top of the two new skins, a bunch of new Fortnite Coachella items have also landed in the Item Shop. There are two new pickaxes to choose from, as well as a festival-themed weapon wrap. Their names and prices are as follows:

Item name Item type Price
Neon BiterPickaxe800 V-Bucks
Festival ShredderPickaxe800 V-Bucks
Finfin FalirWeapon wrap500 V-Bucks

That's it for our look at the Fortnite Coachella items! If you want them, be sure to grab them fast. Limited-time items like this don't last forever, and they'll likely rotate out of the Item Shop sooner or later. Also feel free to check out our Fortnite update 20.20 hub, with release date information and even more.

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