5 Fortnite Collaborations That Didn't Work

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Since the very beginning, Fortnite has seen a lot of collaborations. While they've maintained an impeccable track record in most of their collaborations, some have failed to hit the mark.

It could be attributed to a lot of reasons. Maybe the skins were too simple, or maybe the community itself wasn't interested. Why these collaborations didn't work out is a question for another day.


Here are the 5 collaborations in Fortnite that didn't work out at all.

5 Fortnite collaborations that failed to meet the mark

#5 Jumpman

The collaboration with Jumpman happened way back during Fortnite Chapter 1 Season 9. Although it had a lot of diversity in terms of the cosmetics it offered, it failed to garner much interest within the community.

The only bonus was that you got a lot of free cosmetics thanks to this collaboration. You also got a brand new LTM but that's about it.


#4 Quibi

This was a strange collaboration of sorts. Back in the day, Epic Games ended up collaborating with Quibi. The terms of the collaboration? Quibi could broadcast their shows on a large screen, inside Fortnite.

Truth be told, the idea sounds good, but only inside my head. Think about it, every match in Fortnite is restricted to around 22 minutes (the duration of the loop). In those 22 minutes, would you rather watch a show, or would you plan to survive?

I'd have watched the show because who cares about surviving anyway right? If only the shows were half as good. Loopers resorted to pelting tomatoes at the large screen so that explains how well this collaboration turned out to be.

Oh the company went bankrupt too!


#3 IT

I really wanted to see Pennywise in Fortnite. Not a fun skin for those with Coulrophobia but it'd be a fun addition.

Epic Games teased this collaboration but I think Pennywise got lost in the gutters below the island and was eaten by a shark. All we saw was a balloon sticking out of a sewer in Fortnite.

#2 Ghostbusters

How would you feel if you threw a Star Wars themed costume party but no one turned up as Kylo Ren or even Luke Skywalker? Disappointing right? Yeah that's exactly how the community felt with the Ghostbusters collaboration.


This collaboration had a lot of potential but then Epic Games chose to not introduce any main characters from the franchise into the game. This could have possibly ousted Tron for the top spot on this list, but I just hate the Tron Fortnite collaboration a tad bit more.

#1 Tron

Tron was one of the most pointless Fortnite collaborations of all time. This collaboration took place during Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5. Jonesy was on a hunter recruitment spree and that's when he ended up recruiting the people from Tron.

That being said, this collaboration didn't sit well with the theme, nor were the skin designs that amazing. The Tron Fortnite collaboration was disappointing for Fortnite and Tron fans alike.


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