Fortnite 19.20 Update Patch Notes: New POIs, Cosmetics, and More

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The current season in Fortnite is turning out to be laden with interesting lore based content along with some really cool skins. Picking up from where the Fortnite 19.10 update left off, the Fortnite 19.20 update aims at adding more substance to the current season.

We're not really sure of what to expect after this update, but expect the unexpected.

Fortnite 19.20 Update Release Date

The Fortnite 19.20 update is all set to go live on February 1st.. Downtime begins at 4AM ET.

The Fortnite server downtime has already begun. And since there is some interesting content coming to the game, it could last a bit longer than usual.

Update Size

The Fortnite update sizes vary from platform to platform. And for some reason, they tend to vary between devices as well. That being said, here are sizes of the Fortnite 17.40 update on different devices.

  • PS5 : 3.1 GB
  • PS4 : 3.0 GB
  • Xbox Series X : 2.74 GB
  • Xbox one: 3.49 GB
  • Nintendo Switch : 1.6 GB
  • PC : 1.5 GB

Fortnite 19.20 update patch notes

New Collectible

A new collectible known as feathers will probably go live after the Fortnite update today. What this collectible does is still a secret, but it will surely be an interesting little addition to the game.

Dataminers believe that these feathers are associated with Haven's mask.

New Strings

Data miners have uncovered some new strings in the Fortnite update today. These strings look like voice lines of the characters that are present on the island. Although they have no substantial meaning for now, they sure will fit into the bigger picture.

New Cosmetics

Just like every other update, the Fortnite update today brought in a host of new skins for everyone to choose from in the Fortnite item shop.

A new survey based skin will also be coming to the island after the Fortnite 19.20 update completes. Data miners also believe that the Fallen Love Ranger Fortnite skin will be in the item shop soon enough as well.

And thanks to the Fortnite update today, we finally have a complete list of all the Haven masks in Fortnite. You will probably need the feathers mentioned above to unlock these styles!

Some Star Wars themed cosmetics were also updated with the Fortnite update today. There's a chance that we might be seeing these cosmetics in play during Star Wars Day.

There's also a chance that we might be seeing another collaboration with Star Wars during Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1 itself.


Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1 finally gets a brand new LTM called Close Encounters. This LTM hasn't been seen in a while so it's good to see this LTM return again.

The Close Encounters LTM will also have challenges associated with it, so you can make use of it while grinding for XP.

In case it doesn't go live right after the update, expect it to be enabled in the game as a part of a hotfix.

New Challenges

The Week 11 and Week 12 challenges have been added with the Fortnite update today. These challenges confirm that the Machine Pistol will be returning soon.

Not only that, they also talk about the fabled Treasure map.

Map Changes

The Fortnite map got another new POI with the Fortnite 19.20 update. This is probably the first time two POIs were added in back to back updates.

The Covert Cavern POI is finally here and it will probably serve as the base for the IO. There is a new key card item associated with it too.

This key card cannot be stored in tents.


The IO Brute, which is probably the boss we'll be seeing at Covert Cavern has finally been revealed. The NPC will be a hostile one, and will be carrying a Mythic SMG.

This NPC has a charge dash ability and can throw grenades as well.

The IO Brute is being called Gunnar and his Mythic weapon is known as Mythic Gunnar's Stinger SMG.

Interestingly enough, you will need to defeat him in order to get your hands on the key card.

New Item Shop backgrounds and Loading Screens

Personally, these loading screens look way too good. In fact they're better that a few loading screens that were released previously.

Upcoming Feature

There's a new cosmetic source known as SocialActivation, that was spotted in the files. How this is going to work out is still unknown but this should go live in the upcoming weeks.

New Weapons

The heavy shotgun has finally made a return to Fortnite. This shotgun has received a few tweaks. We need to see how this weapon fares in actual combat once it finally goes live.


Weapon Changes

The damage output for the SMG and the MK7 have been reduced with the Fortnite update today. However, the revolver sees a buff. The recoil of the revolver should go down after the Fortnite 19.20 update.

A special version of Spider-Man's webshooters will be seen in the game as well. This webshooter will be a part of the competitive mode only. It will just have 20 shots.

That's all we have for the Fortnite 19.20 update for now. For more information on the update, do check out the official Fortnite blog here!

See you in two weeks!

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