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Are The Fortnite Servers Down? Latest Status Update

Season 7 of Fortnite is well underway and the next update on the horizon is Fortnite 17.21, which is set to arrive on July 27.

It's expected this will make some significant changes to the game, and no less than one week aftet the 17.20 update! But it should also bring with it plenty of new content to get stuck into.

Before this happens the game will have to go offline, but that's a question for another day.

If you've arrived on this page you'll likely be wondering if the Fortnite servers are down, right now.

Keep reading, we'll bring you up to speed.

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Are The Fortnite Servers Down?

As far as we can tell, No, the Fortnite servers are not down right now. If you're playing on PlayStation (PS4/PS5), Xbox (Series S/X), Nintendo Switch, PC or Mobile, you should be able to log in and play the game without any issues.

Should this change we will of course update this page to reflect any downtime or server issues that could be impacting the game.

The game will be going offline at approximately 03:30 AM ET (07:30 UTC) on July 27.

Downtime will likely last several hours.


*Latest News*

The 17.21 update has been completed and the Fortnite servers are back up again. Feel free to log in to the game any time you want to.


Why Can't I Play Fortnite Right Now?

Let's assume that, you can't log in to play Fortnite and there is no update or server maintenance going on, it could be you have an isolated issue.

If possible we'd recommend first triple checking the official Epic Games online service website, as well as the official Fortnite Status Twitter account. Because it doesn't hurt to check, does it.


Assuming everything is fine on Epic's end, you may need to check your own internet settings with your provider.

If a new update has just launched and you're struggling to get back on to the game after the maintenance has finished, you may not have downloaded the update properly.

Try closing your game client completely and restarting it, or try restarting your console to initiate the download.

Are you seeing any specific error codes? If so, it's also worth googling those,as you may have a very specific issue that can be explained with a quick internet search (but not here, as there are so many different error codes).

Good luck, and we hope to see you dropping into the island once again, soon.