FIFA 20 Ultimate Team: Tips and Tricks Tutorial To Earn Coins And Improve Your Gameplay For Beginners And Experts

FIFA 20's Ultimate Team requires players to invest their time and money into the tactical masterpiece of virtual football so that you can learn to and master a ton of tips and tricks.

Over 10 million players have taken advantage of the FIFA 20 Web app and FIFA 20 Early Access to get the best possible start, so we'll help jumpstart your in-game career with advice on how to make coins in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team, the best formations and a tutorial to improve your gameplay.

By the end of this article you'll be rocking FIFA 20 Icons in your squad.

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In this article, I've seperated the tips into the following sections:

  1. Starting Ultimate Team
  2. Chemistry & How It Works
  3. How To Make And Save Coins
  4. Formations & Tactics
  5. Attacking Tips
  6. Defending Tips

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Starting Ultimate Team

Choosing Your Squad

At the start of FIFA 20 Ultimate Team, you'll be asked to pick a nationality - this will give you a team consisting of players from that nation. This is entirely up to you which you pick, I would certainly recommend picking a nationality that reflects the type of team you build and if you want to give yourself the best start, focusing on one nationality is a good way to go.

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I recommend choosing the following nationalities:

  • Italy
  • Germany
  • Spain
  • France

In every team you start with 3 gold player, a CB, CM and ST, all of these nations have good non-rare gold players and will allow you to build a cheap squad early on. I would recommend doing some research on the type of players you can get from each nation and how you can build out.

I chose Italy as it has some valuable starter players and because almost every Italian player is from Serie A, you can bring in other nationalities and not effect chemistry. Other than being a fan of Serie A, two players that persuaded me to go down this route are:

Kevin Lasagna

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Kevin Lasgna is extremely strong this year, his 90 pace is extremely noticeable as pace is "back" is the dominant stat and he can really put a hurt on some of the more inexperienced players.

Throughballs and off the ball runs make him a king at getting in behind. He may only have a 3* weak foot and 3* skill moves, but that's nothing to worry about. He's also 5'11" and very good in the air. I managed to pick one up for the minimum price of 650 coins.

Francesco Caputo

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A rather similar player to Lasagna, in comparison he lacks the pace but makes up for it with a better physical and aerial presence. Being 5'11" and having 3* skill moves as well, he also boasts a 4* weak foot. I also managed to pick one up for the minimum price of 650 coins.

Loan Player Pick

After you have your squad, you'll be given the chance to pick a loan player. Again, I would recommend picking a player based on your team and what you need. You can pick a great player but only get them for 4-5 games, not ideal when you're trying to build a squad. However, it may be that you only need them for 4-5 games and want a 'big game player'.

In my case, I picked Florenzi as he's the best Italian and Serie A right back available and I get him for 9 games, so I will have ample time to replace him.

Here are all of the loan player pick options:


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Centre Backs

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Left Backs

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Right Backs

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Centre Midfielders

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Left Midfielders

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Right Midfielders

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Once you've done that, picked your kits and badge, you'll be asked to complete the objectives. I HIGHLY recommend you do this as it's a great way to get free packs, cards and coins to help build your squad. They are very simple to do and you may get lucky enough to pack something good...

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...and will earn you points to your season 1 rewards, where you can get a loan Virgil Van Dijk, Jadon Sancho or Vinicius Jr.

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Keep smashing through the objectives, there are some really easy ones such as changing formation, getting perfect chemistry links, playing squad battles, playing the team of the week. In the space of 30 minutes I managed to pull together an almost full gold team with good chemistry - it is dependant on how much time you want to invest to building your team before playing.


You'll want to have the best team you can going into your Division Rival placement games you wont likely match with a team similar to yours. When you head into those games, don't worry too much about winning, get a feel for the game and help boost you coin total.

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Chemistry & How It Works

If you've played FUT before, you should have an idea of how chemistry works. Chemsitry is rating given to your players  that directly impacts their performance in game and something you should take into account when building a team, especially early on in the game, when your players may not have the best stats. It's there to prevent you from building an unrealistic and crazy squad as well as give some variety to the game. You want to get this as high as possible because it will actually increase your cards base stats and when its poor it will decrease your player's base stats.

Chemistry is awarded for having players of the same nation, same league, same team and correct position. You'll also receive one bonus chemistry point for every player that is of the same nationality and league as your manager. You will also gain a bonus chemistry point for having a 'loyalty bonus' - this is awarded to any player in where you are the first owner or have played 10 games for your club (indicated by the green shield on the card pictured below). You can learn how to get quick loyalty in our tutorial here.

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You'll receive four types of links in FUT:

  • Red link - poor chemistry link (given for no connection between the two players)
  • Yellow link - average chemistry link (given for one common connection between the players e.g. league or nationality)
  • Green - great chemistry link (given for two connections between the two players e.g. league and nationality or league and club)
  • Green-Perfect - perfect chemistry link (given for three connections between the two players e.g. league, club and nationality)

When a player has a perfect link, the link colour will still be green but both players chemistry will be uneffected by up to two red links. If you have a great chemistry link you will be allowed one red link without the chemistry being effected. If you have a yellow link, a red link will impact the player's chemistry.

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There are 3 key areas of chemistry:

  • Player Chemistry
  • Team Chemistry
  • Overall Chemsitry
  • Chemistry Styles

Player Chemistry

Every player's chemistry can go as low as 1 and max out at 10. This is affected by a player's of the nation, league, team and position. You will also gain a bonus chemistry point for having a 'loyalty bonus' and for your manager being of the same league and nationality. This accounts for 75% of the attribute increase.

Team Chemistry

This can go as low as 0 and max out at 100, despite 110 being available, it is accumulated by the total chemistry of your players - a max. This accounts for 25% of the attribute increase.

Overall Chemistry

This is a hidden number that is combined between individual player chemistry and team chemistry. If your player's individual chemistry is above 50, it will increase. If youre player's individual chemistry is below 50, it will decrease. If it is on 50 it will stay the same.

How to work out a player's Overall Chemistry:

  • Multiply their Individual Player Chemistry by 10, and then by 0.75
  • Multiply the Team Chemistry by 0.25
  • Add the two results together

Chemistry Styles

These are modifiers that will change the stats that are boosted and how much by.

How To Make And Save Coins

It can be tough to make coins early on in the game, so every thing you do counts. Here are some general tips to get the most out of your opportunities and squeeze every penny:

  • Buy players on open bids - do not use the buy now feature as the prices are usually more expensive. If you show some patience you can shave a couple hundred and even a couple thousand of players. This is particularly true when doing SBCs.
  • Have a rotational squad - If you have players or a squad to rotate in you can save money by not having to buy fitness or healing cards. Currently there is a fitness glitch that means you do not need to buy fitness cards.
  • Play squad battles and save fitness cards - You probably wont even realise how much money you waste on fitness cards within FIFA. Its not the most ideal situation because I assume you'll want to get straight back into the action and not play against the computer. You can usually get 2-3 games done before you need to apply fitness cards to your players. If you want to save yourself money, especially early on, set up a squad battles game against the beginner AI with a full bronze/rotation team. Once you're in the lead you can put your controller down as the CPU will not tackle you. This will allow you to put your squad on the bench and restore their fitness. If you do this enough times you can even be rewarded with packs and coins from squad battles rewards. Currently there is a fitness glitch that means you do not need to buy fitness cards.
  • Complete SBCs - By participating in some of the default and flash SBCs available, you will regularly gain rewards. They're more often than not going to reward you with as much as you put in. If you're savy with your coins you can really make a lot of profit from this in the first few months. You may need to have loyalty bonuses on players to complete some SBCs - here's how to get quick and easy loyalty.
  • Your performance matters - Your performance and actions you take in matches impacts the amount of coins you are rewarded. A long story short, you want to try and score 5 goals whenever possible as this is the maximum reward you will get there. You are also rewarded for keeping a clean sheet, possession and passing accuracy.
  • Do not quit out of games - You will get a DNF (Did not finish) multiplier for staying in games. When you play and complete games, your reward total from games will be multiplied. When you quit out of a game you will lose this multiplier.
  • Play division rivals and FUT champs regularly - By participating in division rivals and FUT champs you will be rewarded with packs and coins every week to help improve your squad.
  • Finish the objectives - As I've said before, finish your objectives to get some easy rewards and coins.
  • Log in to the Web App daily - For a limited time you will get a reward for logging into the Web App once a day, you can potentially get up to 1,000 coins in some circumstances.


Formations & Tactics

Every year two formations stand out in my opinion and this year is no different. The 4-1-2-1-2 (2) and 4-2-3-1. Your formation and tactics are very dependant on your playstyle - if you like to pass the ball, I would focus on a midfield heavy team, if you like to go on runs I would opt for a team that focuses more on wingers. You can read up about the 5 best formations to use in FIFA 20 here.

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4-1-2-1-2 (2)

This formation is great for starting off because it doesn't require special players to work and because it occupies 4 central midfield spots its very easy to get cheap players to fill them. The idea of this formation is to play quick and short passing with a fast build up. If you don't enjoy wing play, this could be a great formation for you as you can get 3 players moving forward while having a CDM to bulster up your defence.

Having two strikers will really help you play quick linking play and overload a defence so they are unable to track all your players. With manual defending, it really can help exploit a weakness in those that can not win the ball and track runs at the same time. It's also very handy for unlocking stubborn defenders who are using drop back instructions. On the defensive side, you can bring all 3 centre-midfielders back to create a real wall in front of your defence.

This is more of an offensive set up for my tactics in this formation, I like to focus on a fast build up play to help counter-attack fast and overload a defence with players.

I'll also switch to a possession based build up play if I feel that the fast build up isn't working or I'm not getting enough time on the ball. This is really good for unlocking a stubborn and overcrowded defence as the quick passes and options can drag players out of position.

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Here are the individual player instructions I use with these tactics. I do tend to mix up whether I have my full backs to stay back or not (if the opposing team is not causing problems with their wingers or I'm losing I wil let them go forward).


It's handy to have different formations to switch things up on the fly and having a very different formation to your starting tactic is great to give you something different to work with.

Playing with wingers is particularly effective in this FIFA because of how relevant pace is.

By having wide players, you can give yourself a different outlet and create some great runs in behind, as well as cutting inside the box and forcing the defender to commit to a decision.

It's also great for really unsettling a defence, by stretching them out. If you can switch the play from one flank to another you can really unlock some dangerous positions for yourself.

This is a more defensive tactics that I like to employ when the game is tight and I need a bit more security. It focuses on dropping behind the ball and exploding quickly on the counter down the flanks.

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Here are the individual player instructions I use with these tactics. I do tend to mix up whether I have my full backs to stay back or not (if the opposing team is not causing problems with their wingers or I'm losing I wil let them go forward).

Attacking Tips


Timed finishing doesn't have the same effect as it did last year and seems very situational as well as not doing much for you unless you time it green. It seems far more effective to just do a standard finesse shot when finishing. The low driven doesn't seem to by consistent enough to be useful.

Through Balls & Off The Ball Runs

Make sure you utilise the through balls as much as possible, it can be very hard to track off the ball runs this year and will be a great tool in combination with off the ball runs.

Defending Tips

Second Man Press

You should utilise the second man press when defending, this will automatically control your midfielders to go and tackle the opponent. It has heavily been nerfed this year and should be used as a tool to cause distraction and slow down your opponent while you tackle with someone else.

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Containing is very weak this year, you'll need to use it more of a setup to then manual tackle. When tackling try to do it from an angle as you'll have more success making contact and if it doesn't go to plan your body can get in the way of the player and be much quicker on the turn.

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