FIFA 20: Defending Tutorial With Tips And Tricks To Concede Less Goals In FIFA 20 Ultimate Team

FIFA 20 has come with a number of new features and changes (such as skill moves) that you should be aware of before playing Ultimate Team, Pro Clubs or Career Mode - in particular defending mechanics.

Former Hashtag United and veteran FIFA esports player BorasLegend, has created a great defending tutorial with tips and tricks to help improve your gameplay.

You can check out all of BorasLegends videos and more on his channel here.

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Getting The Advantage On The Striker

You need to make sure you control the correct defender and anticipate an opponent's run to avoid cheap through balls - he recommends giving yourself a 1-2 metre space to ensure you don't get caught out as most strikers will be faster than the defender.

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Make The Most Of Your Defensive Midfielders

The defensive midfielders are the shield infront of your defenders, so don't be afraid to be aggressive and limit the time an opponent has on the ball; this will greatly increase the chance of a mistake being made.

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Tactics & Instructions


BorasLegend has advised that you do not need to stand too far up the pitch when defending, by dropping a bit deeper it will help you concede less goals. The two defensive styles he promotes is 'balanced' and 'drop back'.

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Boras also highlights how important your instructions are on the team (which can be adjusted on the squad menu by pressing LT/L2 in FUT). He advises if you're struggling to ask your CDMs to stay back and asking them to cut passing lanes.

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A new instruction that has been introduced this year is the 'drop between defenders' tactic. This will drop your DM into the defence to create a back 5. You may lose someone to help cut down passes and disrupt the possession of your opponent, but it will stop any through balls or play going through the defence and force them to either shoot or go wide. He also advises to have your full backs on 'stay back' to avoid getting counter-attacked.


There are two types of jockeying:

  • Xbox One - Jockey (LT)
  • PlayStation 4 - Jockey (L2)
  • Xbox One - Fast Jockey (LT + RT)
  • PlayStation 4 - Fast Jockey (L2 + R2)

Think of it as a gas and break technique (RT/R2 being gas and LT/L2 being break). When you are approaching you should release the gas to give you more accuracy with your jockey and help make more tackles.

The fast jockey technique will allow you to cover a lot of ground while keeping your player ready to intercept/receive the ball rather than turning and not being ready.

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Photo via BorasLegend

Switching Players

There are two buttons to switch players:

  • Xbox One - LB
  • PlayStation 4 - L1
  • Xbox One - Flick the right stick
  • PlayStation 4 - Flick the right stick

He emphasises the importance of both buttons. Using the right stick can be more accurate than LB/L1, although LB/L1 is much faster to execute. If you've got a cluster of players, you should use the right stick instead of LB/L1.

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Photo via BorasLegend

Using The Keeper

This is your last ditch attempt to avoid a goal, one of the simplest techniques is simply rushing out your goalkeeper (where appropriate) by holding the Y button on Xbox One and Triangle on PlayStation 4. If you react quickly, he can get you out of a lot of issues.

Be sure to move your keeper at the right times by pushing the right thumb stick in.

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Photo via BorasLegend

You can watch his full tutorial below:

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