FIFA 20 Ultimate Team: Quick Loyalty Tutorial In FUT 20 - How To Do The Loyalty Glitch On Xbox One And PlayStation 4

FIFA 20 has launched and many will get stuck into FIFA 20 Ultimate Team to build their perfect squad. If like many you'll want to get the best chemistry possible in FUT 20 and complete SBCs to get more players/coins.

One issue with some SBCs is that you are required to have a loyalty bonus to complete it, this is only obtained when a player has played 10 games for your club or you have packed them.

There is a simple quick loyalty trick to get around this, here's how it's done.

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How To Get Loyalty In FIFA 20 Ultimate Team

There are a few ways to get loyalty. The more elaborate way is to simply go into a Squad Battles game against the CPU and play 10 games, which can be done on beginner difficulty; playing this difficulty will mean the CPU never really tackle you and you barely have to pay attention. This will give you your loyalty bonus, coins for completing each match AND will result in a decent ranking for the squad battle leaderboards; leading to more coins and packs. However, this is a lengthy process, potentially lasting up to 3 hours.

If you're looking to do it much quicker, you can simply quit out of games; but you will be given a loss on your record. Not an issue, if you're not particularly bothered by your record.

There is a simple way to do it on both PS4 and Xbox One without effecting your record:

  1. Load up a squad battles game (preferably against the featured team as it can be rechallenged)
  2. When the game loads up, make sure you kick off and allow a few seconds to pass
  3. Pause the game
  4. Press the PlayStation home button twice or Xbox home button twice on your controller
  5. On PS4 go to settings>network>connect to the internet (uncheck and recheck this box) on Xbox One test your nat type
  6. Go back to the game by pressing the home button twice and you will have lost connection to the game servers. Wait for FUT to load back up and your players will have played a game WITHOUT losing your record.

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Written ByChris Trout@TheTrout91

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