FIFA 20: Best Formations To Play With In FIFA 20 Ultimate Team For Xbox One, PlayStation4 and PC

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FIFA 20 has begun and you are probably among the many looking for tips and tricks to help improve their gameplay. If you've spent the majority of the build-up to this year's game on the FIFA 20 Web App, you probably have your starting squad all sorted out already; if you're lucky you may have acquired a FIFA 20 Icon or two. Getting the best formation is crucial to success in FUT 20, of course. Without understanding how to get the best out of it, you will likely struggle.

When picking your formation, you'll want to know the best ways to attack and defend - you can check out our attacking tutorial and our defending tutorial to help choose your formation.

Here are 5 formations we feel are a cut above the rest and worth checking out.

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4-1-2-1-2 (2)

The narrow 'diamond' formation is fantastic for those who are less likely to use the wings and it will compliment a quick passing, tiki-taka style of play.

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Why Use This Formation?


This formation gives you the opportunity to link up stylish passing by condensing your players into the centre of the pitch. You can commit 2 strikers upfront, to allow off the ball runs between the two, while having a CDM to help shield your back 4. Although it does lack wingers, you can allow your full backs to roam forward (to provide width) or you can allow your players to drift wide. Players are currently struggling to defend attacks down the centre, this is because they need to commit to a tackle and the attacker can change multiple directions very quickly; overloading the centre with players can really hurt an opponent with the right execution.

Things To Consider

When choosing midfielders, you will need to emphasise players who have the correct work rates. If you pick a CDM with a high attacking work rate, you will find them constantly out of position. Your two CMs should ideally have High/High work rates to allow them to assist upfront and get back to defend. You may also want to consider having tall and strong players who can hold the ball up - the midfield will be very cluttered and they can be dispossesed easily if they can not shield the ball.

4-2-3-1 (Wide)

A very common formation that has been utilised throughout many generations of FIFA, it provides great stability in defence and allows for rapid counter-attacks.

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Why Use This Formation?


This formation is great for beginners and those that are looking to utilise the wings. It offers two CDMs, giving your defence that extra protection, in a difficult to defend game. By having wingers, you can absorb pressure and quickly break down the wings to put in an effective cross or cut back inside.

Things To Consider

Do not choose slow wingers as they will need to be able to make their way past quick full backs, you shouldn't consider anything below 80 pace and ideally want to look for 84 and above. It's also helpful to ensure these wingers are good at passing the ball and great dribblers to give you the most options. You'll also want to pick your striker carefully, as they will be playing solo, you need someone who can ideally hold up the ball and act as a target man for any crosses.


A formation that gives you two of what you need, where you need it. Two strikers, two wingers and two defensive midfielders.

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Photo via Ovvy


Why Use This Formation?

This formation has been recommend by former pro players BorasLegend and Ovvy. It gives you the protection of two CDMs in front of your defence, two wingers to stretch the play and two strikers to link up in the centre. It's a very adaptable formation and will give you a greater catalogue of players to choose from to fit your need.

Things To Consider

You will need to ensure you have some good box-to-box CDMs that can get up the pitch to support the attack as well as get back to defend. This formation will leave a big gap between the strikers and CDMs, meaning you will have to use your wingers to link up the play much more.


This formation is an attackers dream and will give you the flexibility of being able to switch between three strikers or two wingers up top.

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