Dead By Daylight Chapter 21 Release Time Confirmed For Hellraiser Cenobite Killer

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Dead By Daylight Chapter 21 Release Time

Dead by Daylight Chapter 20 is now getting a bit long in the tooth and with the 5th Anniversary event also been and gone, players are starting to get ready for the games next batch of content.

Yes, even though players have got plenty of killers to choose from - although many will always stick with the game's best killers - not to mention the most recent Resident Evil Nemesis killer, they'll always want more! And next up, it's Pinhead from Hellraiser, a killer known as The Cenobite.

For the sake of keeping everything tidy and in one place, we'll be updating this page with everything we know about the next chapter of Dead by Daylight, including all the leaks, rumours and official details as we get them. Keep reading for everything you need to know about Chapter 21.

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Chapter 21 Latest News

September 7 2021 -

New to the game? We've just published a new guide to help you get started, ranking the best Dead by Daylight Survivor Perks.

We've only a few more hours to go before the release of Chapter 21. Stand by for our guide to The Cenobite killer.

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September 6 2021 -

Not long to wait now. We've added a fancy countdown timer to the page so you can blissfully wait every second pass ahead of the launch of the new season.

September 3 2021 -

Dead by Daylight has confirmed that Hellraiser Chapter 21 launches on September 7 at 5pm BST. Click this link to set yourself a reminder.

September 2 2021 -

A new Developer Update has been released and it gives plenty of insight into some big changes coming to the game with the release of the next big patch.

Dead by Daylight Patch 5.2.0 which is most likely arriving with DBD Chapter 21 is set to introduce Skill Based Matchmaking (SBMM) for good. In addition, this will mean the removal of ranks and the introduction of a new Grades system.

We've detailed some of these changes further down, but in addition, there are a few more extensive changes being made to the PTB build of Dead by Daylight 5.2.0 to tweak the Cenobite killer.

You can see these tweaks on our Dead by Daylight Patch Notes hub, by following the link.

Dead by Daylight Cenobite killer
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August 31 2021 -

Leaks by Daylight have suggested that Chapter 21 has a release date of September 7th, which would be next Tuesday. There is no confirmed details yet, so take this with a pinch of salt for the time being. More to follow...

August 26 2021 -

Behaviour Interactive has revealed a new teaser for their Hellraiser chapter alongside a release window. Although for now it's being left opened-ended as just "September". We suspect it could arrive at some stage from September 16th onwards, depending on how late in the month they wish to release the new killer.

Also, for now it does seem as though Pinhead is arriving solo. There's been no talk of new survivors.

Which raises the question, is this Chapter 21, or a Hellraiser Paragraph. Food for thought...

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Chapter 21 New Killer, The Cenobite

August 18 2021 -

The Cenobite is now available on the DBD Public Test Build, and that means players have got their first look at the new Hellraiser inspired killer. If you want to get a better look at the new Cenobite Killer Power, Perks and Mori, we've rounded up everything you need to know in one place. just follow the link above.

August 17 2021 -

Behaviour Interactive has officially confirmed that Hellraiser's Pinhead will arrive in Dead By Daylight as the next killer. Offering a new teaser clip, they didn't offer any further details, only that this Hellraiser crossover is "coming soon". We've got the full story and you can watch that clip below:

Chapter 21 Release Date

Unsurprisingly there is no official release date for Chapter 21 just yet. Couple this together with the fact that new content is normally tested in the games PTR before going live and it's harder than ever to give a specific date for when we can expect to see the next chapter go live.

That being said, if you're looking for a rough estimate, we can likely expect to see Chapter 21 go live at some point in late September. Let us explain why.

The time between new chapters has historically been 'roughly 3 months', and with the Resident Evil chapter going live on June 15, it makes sense that Chapter 21 will arrive at some point towards the end of September.

As soon as we have a more concrete release date we'll be sure to update this page.

Skill-Based Matchmaking

For some time now the developers have been running tests for the Skill-Based Matchmaking (SBMM) system.

For those who don't know what that is, it's basically a system to try and match you with players of similar skill to ensure more even or enjoyable matches.

Now Behavior Interactive has announced that from the release of the 5.2.0 update (coming with Chapter 21) SBMM will be permanent. Here's a few details from the devs:

The most recent SBMM test resulted in fairer matches across the board for players of all skill levels, especially low-to-mid skilled players. High skill players would see the most variance in their matches due to the low number of players with high ratings (it’s lonely at the top!), though their matches would still be more consistent compared to Rank-Based Matchmaking.

During peak hours, 99% of matches formed were what we consider reasonably balanced, with your odds of escaping or killing a Survivor varying within +/- 25% of the average. Better yet, 75% of matches fell within a +/- 5% chance. This is a huge step up from Rank-Based Matchmaking where 99% of matches saw a 45% variation, and 75% of matches saw a 25% variation.
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Rank Changes & Reward

As a result of SBMM, it means that ranks are being removed from the game and replaced with 'Grades'. It's still pretty similar, but there are a few changes to be expected.

Here's how it will work:

Ranks will become Grades and feature all new icons, ranging from Ash to Iridescent. You can increase your grade by earning pips just like before, though there’s now a limit to how many pips you can lose.

On the 13th of each month, grades reset to Ash IV (the lowest grade) and you’ll receive up to 250,000 Bloodpoints depending on how far you’ve managed to climb. You’ll be rewarded for each role separately, so playing both sides can reap double the rewards.

Chapter 21 Teasers

August 13, 2021 -

A new teaser for Dead by Daylight Chapter 21 has been released and it seems to be referencing Hellraiser‘s Pinhead character as the next killer.

The clip itself is rather short at just 16 seconds and appears to show an old-fashioned TV screen with nothing more than a static picture.

The word ‘Play’ and the numbers ’19:87′ appear in the top corners of the screen with some fans also believing this could be a hint towards Five Nights At Freddy's.

However, it appears others are more convinced that this is a link to Hellraiser, incidentally released in 1987. The TV scene from the film, seen below, would also seem to suggest it could be pinhead coming to the game.

August 12, 2021 -

There's some very heavy hinting going on right now, with fans discovering some not so subtle teasers from the devs at Behaviour Interactive.

Some audio files posted to discord have been run through a spectrogram and appear to spell the word HELL whilst some fans have also spotted a series of letters posted to the games Twitter profile that also spell out 'RAISE'.

It would seem to indicate pretty heavily that Pinhead (from Hellraiser) is indeed coming to the game.

Dead by Daylight 'hell' letters found in spectrogram
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Chapter 21 New Survivor

Some players believe we could see the actress who played Kirsty Cotton in the Hellraiser films, Ashley Laurence, added as a new survivor.

This seems to be based on the fact that she started following the Dead by Daylight and Behaviour Interactive accounts on Twitter. Something we know actors have done before when entering into the game.

For now though, there is no official details on new survivors coming with Chapter 21. So stay tuned for more details soon.

What else would you like to see in Chapter 21 of Dead By Daylight? Let us know!

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