Update: Hellraiser's Pinhead Is "Coming Soon" To Dead By Daylight

Updated - August 17, 2021

Following on from yesterday's news, Behaviour Interactive has officially confirmed that Hellraiser's Pinhead will arrive in Dead By Daylight. Offering a new teaser clip, they didn't offer any further details, only that this Hellraiser crossover is "coming soon". You can watch that short teaser down below:

Original - August 16, 2021

Dead by Daylight's seen numerous horror crossovers recently. Pyramid Head from Silent Hill, Scream's Ghostface Killer from Scream, Resident Evil 3's Nemesis... hell, even the Demogorgon from Stranger Things got an in. As for the next killer, that could be Hellraiser's Pinhead.

Also known as the "Lead Cenobite" or "Hell Priest", Pinhead is one of the Cenobites, a race of human origin that were transformed into demonic creatures. Published last week, Behaviour Interactive posted a brief teaser, which may confirm previous rumours.

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Hellraiser's Pinhead May Come To Dead By Daylight Soon

Though it only lasts for 16 seconds, that clip shows a VHS recording, red flower blossoming (similar to what happens when Cenobites are summoned) and a number, 1987. Considering Hellraiser was released in 1987, many believe these offer significant clues. That's not all, either. Audio files were also posted to Discord, revealing a word via spectrogram, HELL.

When put into consideration, it's hard to imagine what else this could be. Sure, Pinhead's own lore isn't a natural fit for Dead by Daylight but as an iconic horror villain, he'd be well placed for a new crossover. As always, we'll let you know when there's any new developments.

Source: PC Gamer

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