Dead By Daylight Halloween Event 2021 Start Time Confirmed for "The Midnight Grove"

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UPDATE: Dead By Daylight's Halloween Event, "The Midnight Grove", is now live

Although the core of Dead by Daylight is dripping with horror, terror and gruesome scares, it doesn't mean that the developers at Behaviour Interactive are going to start skipping the spooky Halloween holiday.

If anything, the developers have leaned into the holiday to deliver plenty of amazing content and cosmetics for fans to enjoy. So when you're not arguing with your friends over the best Dead By Daylight killers, you can argue over the best outfits instead!

For those curious, here's everything you need to know ahead of the next in-game Halloween event.

Latest News

21 October 2021

Join Dead by Daylight to celebrate Halloween in classic style with The Midnight Grove Event Tome. From October 21st to November 4th, The Midnight Grove event welcomes new Survivor Mikaela Reid into the Fog with special content set to fill the Entity’s Realm with rewards, challenges, an extra-eerie atmosphere, and special stories written by Mikaela herself – all for a very limited time.

Check out The Midnight Grove Trailer below:

20 October 2021

The next Dead By Daylight Tome starts today, and it won't be long until our Halloween event begins. If you want to know how long you have left to wait, check out the countdown timer, just below:

DBD Midnight Grove Halloween Event Start Time Countdown


19 October 2021

The new Dead By Daylight Patch Notes for Update 5.3.0 has now confirmed the full name for this year's Halloween Event.

It's called "The Midnight Grove", but no further details have been shared so far.

That said, we do know when it starts. The Halloween limited-time event starts October 21st at 11AM ET, which is 4PM BST.

15 October 2021

We've still 6 more days to go until the start of Dead by Daylight's Halloween event, however, there is a new DBD Promo Code available that is getting us into the spooky festive spirit. Claim it now before it's removed for good:

5 October 2021

We're still waiting on some more news about this in-game Halloween event coming on October 21, but for now the developer has started some Halloween contests to pass the time.

There are three contests currently ongoing, so take a look if you're feeling creative:

2 October 2021

There's a new Dead by Daylight Promo Code worth claiming! For a limited time, any player can celebrate the spooky season by claiming their very own free Dwightcrow charm. Simply use the code DWIGHTCROW on PC and consoles from Oct. 1st 11AM EST to Oct. 31st 11:59PM EST.

1 October 2021

It's now officially October and spooky season is nearly here. Get ready for some DBD Halloween news very soon!

30 September 2021

Behaviour Interactive has confirmed in a new blog post that they have some plans for a new in-game event. Here's what they've said:

What would Halloween be without a Dead by Daylight in-game event? Step back into the Fog anytime between Oct. 21st and Nov. 4th to experience all the classic trappings of our annual Halloween event along with a few new tricks and treats, too. Stay tuned – as we approach the event we’ll update this section with the event trailer, blogpost, and more.
Dead by Daylight October Calendar
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When Does The Halloween Event Start In 2021?

UPDATE: In-Game Halloween event has been confirmed to take place from October 21 until November 4.

[Original Story] - To get an idea of when the next Halloween event will start in Dead By Daylight, it's worth looking at previous events to get an idea of when it could launch.

The previous events started and ended on the following dates:

  • The Eternal Blight: 21 October until 4 November 2020
  • The Withering Blight: 22 October until 1 November 2019
  • The Hallowed Blight: 19 October until 2 November 2018
  • All Hallows' Eve: 26 October 2017 until 1 November 2017

Based on the previous events it seems likely that the next Halloween based event will begin around 19-21st of October and last for roughly two weeks, ending on the 4th or 5th of November.

It's possible this could be part of the mid-chapter update for Dead By Daylight Chapter 21.

What To Expect From The Dead By Daylight Halloween Event In 2021?

The Halloween event has previously been part of the reoccurring Blight Event. However, the 2020 event was the final chapter in The Hallowed Blight story arc that began in 2018. So players could likely expect a new story arc in 2021.


At its core though, the event adds new Objectives for both Killers and Survivors to complete in exchange for cosmetic rewards, bloodpoints and more. Chances are, we'll also see new Dead By Daylight Promo Codes released as well.

We may also see the return of the Pustula Flowers to the Fog, bringing with them plenty of Halloween items, charms and add-ons from years past. It could be that we also see a new collection of Blighted Outfits, similar to the Hallowed Curse Collection introduced last year.

Stay tuned for more details as we get closer to the event.

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