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Dead By Daylight Killers Tier List: Best DBD Killers Ranked

In the right hands, any Dead by Daylight Killer can be effective against a group of Survivors no matter where they are on a Tier List. That said, there are some Killers who require more effort to make that happen.

With the new Resident Evil chapter having recently come out, there's no better time to get into Dead by Daylight and start to learn just which Killers are the most effective and which ones you're going to have to really sweat with in order to win.

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Best Killers Tier List

For this Dead by Daylight Killer Tier List, we've separated the tiers into 3. While there are some mid-to-low Killers in the game, it's best to simplify them by just 3 so that you can get an understanding of which Killers have very little redeeming qualities (ability-wise, not morally though that too) whilst some fall in the middle bracket of having both big strengths and big weaknesses. As for the top tier, they too have their weaknesses but it pales in comparison to their strengths.

We based this list off of a few subjects including:

  • Map control
  • Lethality
  • Snowball (slugging, etc)
  • Map pool versatility
  • Perk builds considered
  • Add-Ons
  • Power
A tier list of the best and worst Killers in Dead by Daylight
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Source: Tiermaker


It should be noted that this Tier List will be kept up to date as much as possible, and currently follows the latest patch, 5.0.0.

Tier 1 - High

  • The Nurse - A highly mobile Killer that uses her Blink ability to teleport around the map and get the drop on Survivors.
  • The Hag - A Killer that uses traps and hexes to form mud figures of herself when a Survivor runs over them. She can teleport to them if she is of a certain distance.
  • The Spirit - A haunted Killer that can phase towards Survivors and track them with ease, even without add-ons. Is often described as one of the most broken Killers in the game.
  • The Nightmare (Freddy Krueger) - A complete Nightmare (hee-hee) of a Killer that uses The Dream World, teleportation, Dream Snares and Dream Pallets to dominate in Trials.
  • The Oni - A highly mobile Killer that uses the suffering of Injured Survivors to power his ability. With it, he is able to travel throughout the map with ease and down Survivors with one hit.
  • The Blight - A versatile Killer that hits off objects like a pinball to speed towards Survivors and around the map. Comes with a steep, but rewarding learning curve for anyone who wants to make Blighty boy their main Killer.
  • The Nemesis - A Killer that (currently) is one of the strongest to play once mastered. He has an incredibly fast Mutation rate that helps his ranged power, and can devastate Survivors' loops and jungle gyms thanks to his zombies.

Tier 2 - Mid

  • The Demogorgon - A alien-like Killer that places Portals across the map to cut Survivors off from running and Generators. Unfortunately, he can be countered by not running in open areas, and ignoring Portals in areas where Generators are completed.
  • The Ghost Face - A Killer that's able to down people by Stalking them, but unfortunately does not have the mobility to keep Generators on lockdown. Breaking him out of his Stalk mode is also very easy, making his power weaker.
  • The Shape (Michael Myers) - Another Killer that relies on stealth and Stalking, but unlike The Ghost Face he cannot be broken out of stalking. Unfortunately, he has a slow up at the beginning of a Trial due to his Movement Speed.
  • The Legion - Killers that rely on their power to put people in the Mend state in order to find other victims. Frustrating to go against, but ultimately their power can still be hard countered by smart Survivors.
  • The Wraith - A Killer that cloaks himself with invisibility gives him an edge in speed and sneaking up on Survivors. However, his uncloak animation can give Survivors enough time to move away to safety.
  • The Deathslinger - A ranged Killer that uses a chain-gun to hook Survivors and pull them in with a small Terror Radius for maximum sneak. Fails at jungle gyms or locations with a lot of line of sight blockers.
  • The Plague - A Killer that uses her power to infect and weaken Survivors, forcing them to cleanse and make her stronger. The downside is that her power can be weak or hard to pull off without some powerful add-ons.
  • The Executioner - A Killer that excels at locking down Generators and hard-countering items and perks that help Survivors escape its grasp. Can be countered by looping normally, but being aware of the Killer's long-range attack.
  • The Twins - A duo of Killers that work together to hunt and kill their prey. Great at locking down areas and being two places at once, but one Killer is able to do more things than the other which makes them feel unbalanced and easy to take advantage of.
  • The Hillbilly - A chainsaw-wielding Killer that can dash forward at great speeds to get around the map and force Survivors out of safe locations. His downfall is at Windows and Pallets where using his chainsaw becomes tricky.
  • The Doctor - A Killer that uses electrical shocks to make Survivors scream, making him most effective at locating and hunting down Survivors. Smart survivors however will still be able to loop him, and his mobility is not all that great.
  • The Huntress - A Killer that uses long-range hunting hatchets to cut Survivors off at Pallets, Vaults and Windows. Her downside is that she has a slow Movement Speed, making it easier for Survivors to block off her attacks by breaking line of sight.

Tier 3 - Low

  • The Trapper - A Killer that uses bear traps to shut down areas, but has such a slow start setting up that it will either effectively win you the Trial by paying off, or cost you everything.
  • The Clown - A Killer that can both slow Survivors down and speed themselves up, but is still heavily countered by strong Pallets and looping.
  • The Pig - A Killer that uses reverse bear traps to slow down the progression of a Trial. Unfortunately, that is also her downfall as the RNG of these traps vary wildly and can considerably doom her.
  • The Cannibal (Leatherface) - A Killer that can get one hit downs with his chainsaw sprint. Unfortunately, he is easy to counter and loop through Windows, Vaults and even Pallets.
  • The Trickster - A blade-wielding Killer that is a weaker Plague and Huntress combined, his slow Movement Speed and weak power makes it easy for Survivors to toy with him.