Dead By Daylight killers tier list (July 2024)

a monster with red eyes is standing in a dark room in a video game .
Credit: Behaviour Interactive

a monster with red eyes is standing in a dark room in a video game .
Credit: Behaviour Interactive
July 19, 2024 - No new characters with new update only new game mode.

The number of killers in Dead by Daylight are slowly increasing and this time with the addition of Dungeons and Dragons main villain Vecna. Our Dead by Daylight Killer tier list offers only the latest information and updates of said killers and arrange them properly from the strongest to the weakest. That said, there are some Killers who require more effort to make that happen.

With new chapters every few months, there's no better time to get into Dead by Daylight. So, we have checked over all of our choices to see where Killers rank.

Dead by Daylight Killers tier list - ranked best to worst

For this Dead by Daylight Killer tier list, we've separated the tiers into three. While there are some mid-to-low Killers in the game, it's best to simplify them by just three so that you can get an understanding of which Killers have very few redeeming qualities.

Meanwhile, some fall in the middle bracket of having both big strengths and big weaknesses. As for the top tier, they too have their weaknesses, but they pale in comparison to their strengths.

Dead By Daylight killers tier list


The Nurse
The Blight


The Twins
The Unknown
The Hillbilly
The Good Guy
The Xenomorph
The Oni
The Huntress
The Artist
The Executioner
The Mastermind
The Spirit
The Nemesis


The Skull Merchant
The Lich
The Demogorgon
The Cenobite
The Doctor
The Plague
The Knight
The Wraith
The Hag
The Singularity
The Clown
The Cannibal
The Deathslinger


The Legion
The Onryo
The Trickster
The Ghost Face
The Dredge
The Pig


The Shape
The Nightmare
The Trapper

We based this list on a few subjects, including:

  • Map Control
  • Lethality
  • Snowball (slugging, etc)
  • Map Pool Versatility
  • Perk Builds
  • Add-Ons
  • Power

It should be noted that our Dead By Daylight tier list will be kept up to date as much as possible with the latest character added called The Unknown.

So there you have it, that's all you need to know about the best (and worst) Killers to use in Dead by Daylight. Be sure to check back regularly to see how your build could be improved. Elsewhere, feel free to also check out our survivors perks tier list, as well as the newest Dead By Daylight codes to redeem.

And that's the latest from our tier list for Dead by Daylight killers for today. Tune in the next day for another update! We also have other information about the game with our Dead By Daylight guides hub and all the information on Dead By Daylight's one of its deadliest killers, The Unknown!

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