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Dead By Daylight Killers Tier List: Best DBD Killers Ranked

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Dead by Daylight's Halloween event is on its way this month.


What better time to be or learn to be a killer?

It's time to channel your inner Freddy Krueger with a tier list for all the killers in DBD.

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Best Killers Tier List

When starting out in DBD it can be hard to know who's best to main, especially if you've never played as the killer before.

Each killer has different abilities, strengths and weaknesses.

Youtuber DOWSEY posted a video recently ranking the killers from tier E-S.

He based his list off of a few subjects including:

  • Map control
  • Lethality
  • Snowball (slugging, etc)
  • Map pool versatility
  • Perk builds considered
  • Add-Ons green and below
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Source: DOWSEY on Youtube


Top of the list is The Nurse or Sally Smithson, which for those who play the game, will be no surprise.

Every time I know The Nurse is the killer I let out a huge sigh of regret.

Bottom of DOWSEY's list is The Trapper/Evan MacMillan.

Currently, Trapper is struggling a bit due to the fact that he has to collect his traps around the map to then place them again.

Meaning he's constantly going back and forth and in this time generators will get done.

Though, DOWSEY acknowledges that The Trapper is brilliant at snowballing.

If multiple survivors step in traps around the same time, it can mean game over.

Be sure to give his video some love below, he sure knows what he's talking about!

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