Dead by Daylight 5th Anniversary And Everything You Need To Know

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UPDATE - The DBD Anniversary Broadbcast may have come and gone, but the festities are only just getting started. Keeping reading (or watching) for a recap of what to expect in June 2021.

Original Story - The Dead by Daylight 5th Anniversary broadcast is nearly here with just a few days to go until May 25th. Last year fans saw the announcement and reveal of the Silent Hill chapter for the game's 4th anniversary, which was well-received by old and new fans alike.

Unlike last year, however, we know what we can expect from the upcoming broadcast. For one, we know that the Dead by Daylight x Resident Evil chapter that was teased before will get an in-depth reveal. Maybe we'll finally find out just which Survivor and Killer we'll be getting come June? We can only hope.

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Latest News - Pride Month

As well as all the usual 5th Anniversary celebrations, it's also a really important month for the LGBTQIA+ community.

In celebration, here's everything Dead By Daylight is doing to celebrate Pride in June.

Watch The Twitch Show Again, Here:

Twitch Steam Countdown

There's not long to go now, less then 24 hours in fact. The full show will be broadcast on but stay tuned as we'll make sure to bring you any news and leaks in the run-up to the 5th Anniversary event.

Dead By Daylight 5th Anniversary Announcements

we're not just a few days away from Dead By Daylights 5th anniversary event and in the lead up to the show we now have an official rundown of what to expect.

"Come for the Resident Evil Chapter reveal, stay for the party" the official account teased on Twitter and they certainly weren't joking. Here's everything the anniversary stream covered:

  • 5 Years of Dead by Daylight
  • Resident Evil Chapter Reveal
  • Year 6 Roadmap
  • The Realm Beyond Update
  • Live Designs
  • 5th Anniversary Celebrations

The new Resident Evil chapter was the initial focus, and we've detailed everything revealed in that segment elsewhere.

That was just the start, though.

Behavior outlined an extensive Dead By Daylight 2021 roadmap as well, and while the team couldn't reveal too much about what to expect, they did tease a few things.

Dead By Daylight will be getting several new killers, survivors, and maps over the course of the roadmap, and the Dead By Daylight Halloween 2021 event is supposed to be a major one, even bigger than previous years.

Behavior mentioned winter and Lunar New Year's events as well, but nothing other than they're in the year's plan.

Dead By Daylight Changes

Behavior announced several changes coming to Dead By Daylight this summer and beyond as well.

Chief among them is a smoother onboarding process for new players designed to help get them adjusted to the game and learn its mechanics better than the existing tutorial.

There will also be Dead By Daylight bot matches to help in the acclimation process.

Behavior will add a commendation-like system at the end of matches as well, where players can praise others they enjoyed playing with or report toxic behavior in others and track how the report is being handled.

Matchmaking will be improved in a few ways. Aside from trying to reduce wait times in general, Behavior is adding an incentive system where, at certain points or times of day, the game will offer incentives for players to switch their role and fill a need in other matches.

Finally, Dead By Daylight will offer support for additional languages.

Dead By Daylight won't give out free Memento Moris anymore. Instead, killers will have to earn them.

Killers and survivors will be getting new Perks.

Dead By Daylight The Realm Beyond

One of the other major, new features coming to Dead By Daylight is The Realm Beyond.

This is Behavior's massive Dead By Daylight graphics overhaul, but it goes beyond just graphics.

In addition to enhancing the game's dated visuals, Behavior is working to make survivors more distinct in appearance and behavior.

That includes polishing existing animations and also adding new ones where they can, ultimately creating a more immersive experience.

Dead By Daylight Pride 2021

Dead By Daylight is celebrating Pride Month 2021 with the #IntoTheRainbow initiative, new Pride emotes, and a Pride flag charm you can wear in game.

You can claim the Dead By Daylight Pride charm by entering the code PRIDE in the in-game store.

Dead By Daylight Limited Time Anniversary Event

From July 1 through July 15, Dead By Daylight is celebrating its birthday with a series of special events.

Crown Pedestals will appear in matches during this event, and if a killer or survivor interacts with the pedestal, they'll unlock a Crown Cosmetic at the end of the match.

These are for original characters only and will be event-exclusive items.

Blood Point offerings are included in the event, along with new Bloodweb items to launch confetti around the map.

During the event's first week, Behavior will give out enough Iridescent Shards to purchase an original character. The Shrine of Secrets will rotate Perks every day and sell Perks for 500 fewer Shards so players who already have the characters on offer can still put the Shards to good use.

Finally, there will be several community-themed challenges with several exclusive items, including a Naughty Bear, charms, a new David King outfit, and more.

5th Anniversary Stream Dates

The 5th anniversary broadcast for Dead by Daylight airs on May 25th at 3 pm BDT/11 pm BST. You'll be able to watch the broadcast via the developer's official Twitch account.

Players will see an in-depth reveal of the Resident Evil chapter, which is set to officially release sometime in June, 2021.

To find out more, you should check out the official blog post from Behavior Interactive.

New Killer

As of yet, we don't know anything about the new Killer apart from that they will be from the Resident Evil series. What we do know though is that they'll be revealed during the Dead by Daylight 5th anniversary broadcast.

New Survivor

Much like the new Killer, we don't know anything apart from they'll be from the Resident Evil Series. Fan-favourites are Leon Kennedy, Jill Valentine, Ethan Winters, and Claire Redfield. We assume that, alongside the new Killer, the Survivor will be revealed during the Dead by Daylight 5th anniversary broadcast.

New Map

Behaviour Interactive have been slowly upgrading new maps as time goes on, giving the game a much-needed makeover with The Realm Beyond updates. Because of this, they've not been able to create any new maps since the Silent Hill update last year.

Currently, we don't yet know if that means Resident Evil fans will not be receiving a map to go along with the new Killer and Survivor.

Anniversary Gear

Last year the anniversary event for Silent Hill came with some new items, such as the anniversary halo, as well as the anniversary flashlight, health kit, firecrackers and toolbox. As of now, we do not know if they'll be coming back for the 5th anniversary, but it is highly likely that will be the case.

Anniversary Event

Usually, the anniversary broadcast will reveal an event. Again, we don't know what the event will be as of yet, but if it's anything like last year it will come with new gear, a new activity to do in-game, and some head cosmetic for all of the non-licensed Survivors or Killers.

Again, this is not confirmed, but stay tuned and we'll bring you more news as it arrives.

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