Warzone Season 4: Best Headset Deals to Locate Enemies!

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We're now approaching the end of Warzone's Season 4, with attention turning to the Season 5 update and potential map changes, and we couldn't be more excited.

New areas in the Stadium or Train Station will revolutionise Warzone's gameplay, adding unfamiliar layouts and locations to Verdansk. 


Not only will these locations be alien when they first launch, but it's also likely they'll be packed full of players eager to check out the new locations. When you enter these areas, you won't be able to rely on map knowledge to help you out. Listening closely for enemy footsteps is a great way to locate any enemies.

Trying to find enemies by their footsteps is hard enough already, but if you are trying to do this with just a pair of Apple earphones or even your TVs audio, you’ll be as successful as the alleged Grau 5.56 nerf.

What you really need is a high-quality gaming headset. While there is a view that the ‘pro-level’ gaming headsets will set you back hundreds of pounds, if you look hard enough you can find some fantastic headphones for a great price.

If that sounds like too much hassle, then don’t worry! We’ve found the best deals of the day on gaming headsets!

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Save £10 on Corsair's HS50 PRO gaming headset

Corsair is renowned for creating some of the best, most affordable headsets around, and with the HS50 headset reduced by £10, this is one of the best value headsets on the market right now.


The HS50's custom-tuned 50mm audio drivers deliver stunning, premium audio that will let you hear everything you need to when dropping into Verdansk.

If you've not yet finished the Season 4 Battle Pass and need to grind out some more tiers in an all-night play session, the HS50 PRO is crafted for comfort with its adjustable memory foam ear cups.

If communication is often a problem during your Warzone matches, the HS50's noise-cancelling unidirectional microphone promises to reduce any background noise for crystal-clear communication.

Reduced to £49.99 from £59.99, this deal will save you some much-needed cash as we near Autumn's flood of fantastic games, including Marvel's Avengers, FIFA 21 and Cyberpunk 2077.

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Save over 50% on this INSMART LED Headset!

This INSMART deal is absolutely insane, reducing the high-quality headset down to £20.57 from £45.99!


INSMART's headset features brilliant LED lighting effects that enhance the atmosphere of games, while still promising a durable, comfortable headset uniquely designed with extended gaming sessions and multiplayer in mind.

The HUGE price reduction comes from an Amazon Lightning Deal that ends in just 11 HOURS and is already 56% claimed at the time of writing. Grab yours while the deal is still available!


Freebie of the Day- Free Trial of Amazon Prime

Amazon's Next-Day delivery promises that you will get your brand-new headset delivered just hours after ordering them. However, this can cost you an additional £3.49 or more, and while you'll have saved money on the headset, there's no point spending unnecessary money on delivery!

Instead, signing up for a Free 30-Day Trial of Amazon Prime will mean you can buy all the headsets and games you want, including Ghost of Tsushima or Paper Mario, and receive them the very next day!


It also comes with a free Twitch Prime sub, which offers further in-game goodies for the likes of Hyper Scape, GTA, FIFA and Apex Legends!

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