Warzone Season 5 Map Changes: Stadium Finally Opening And A Train Being Added

Season 4 of Warzone is in full swing and as players get to grips with a seemingly new metagame after a wave of weapon tuning arrived, very little has changed to Verdansk since Warzone was launched.

According to many rumours, Infinity Ward is set to introduce some significant map changes to the map for Season 5, including the grand opening of the stadium!

The Stadium WILL Open

Warzone Stadium Opening
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The report says that the opening of the stadium will be one of two major changes coming to the Warzone map in the new season of post-launch content.

The initial conversation surrounding what lies inside the stadium began after a screenshot showing a small glimpse of its interior.

How players will be able to access the stadium remains to be seen. Will there be doors for players to barge their way through on the ground floor?

Or will be there specific places where players can equip the zip-wire and access the roof quickly. Perhaps both? Only time will tell as to what exactly is inside the stadium.


All Aboard!

The site also states that a train will also be arriving in Verdansk, where players will be able to board and obtain loot from within the carriages similar to the likes of Apex Legends and PUBG.

This particular update to the map is said to tie in with the reveal of COD 2020, heavily rumoured to be named Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War.

Further fuel to the fire has been added to the return of Black Ops, with data-miners finding voice lines from Frank Woods within the game files, suggesting that he will be the headline Operator for the next season.


Changes That Should be Made

These changes will certainly add some much-needed variety to Verdansk, but there are still some changes that could make the Warzone map even better.

Players have called for some form of change to arrive in Downtown and the surrounding area for months and with the stadium opening and a train rolling through the map, players may have to wait a little longer for some changes to that particular area.

Filled with rooftops perfect to pick off enemies with ease with either a well-equipped GRAU or even the new Rytec AMR sniper rifle, the area is filled with a wealth of corners to hide in, often causing annoyance for many players being caught off-guard when patrolling the area.

Although opening the stadium is exciting, there are still several changes that could be made to multiple areas of Verdansk.

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