Warzone Season 4: When Will Stadium Open? Why Hasn't It Opened?

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Warzone has just under-gone its mid-season update for Season 4 and many were expecting Stadium to finally open up.

Stadium is causing a lot of frustration for players as so many are starting to create a roof camping meta.

So why has the roof still not opened and when can we expect it to be accessible.

Is Stadium Going To Open In Warzone?

If you were paying attention to the screenshots in yesterday's Season 4 Reloaded breakdown, which was posted on the Activision blog, one image, in particular, caught the eyes of readers.

In the background of the below image, you can clearly see what looks like Stadium being opened up.

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Towards the bottom right of the image, you can see right through the glass panels (something that you can not currently do).

It's alleged that players will be able to climb to the roof of the stadium by using a cable system (similar to the elevators in Downtown).

But it has been confirmed this morning by @Okami13 that there has been no change.

So when will a change arrive? It's still very possible that a change will come in a few weeks, it can't be a coincidence that this image was posted without some consideration.


It's not the first time that Activision have revealed something via images, without directly drawing attention to it. Last time they did this was with the classic Ghost skin in Season 3.

Perhaps it will be the scene of an updated Warzone Rumble location? Or we need to further progress through an easter egg and the Verdansk story. Could the nukes in the bunkers be related to what's hidden in Stadium?

If I were to theorise when we might see something, and this is a total shot in the dark, I am predicting it to be during Season 5 - which is expected to arrive on the 4th August. It seems very odd to push such a significant change on a whim rather than during a significant update like the 1.23 update.

It could arrive sooner, Season 4 was supposed to be the season we saw significant changes to the map. There's a good chance it could be dependant on the COD 2020 reveal timeline.

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