Warzone Season 5 Leak: Streamer 'Gets Into Season Early - Verdansk Ruined'

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Season 5 of Warzone is approaching, and a streamer claims he has ‘got into Warzone Season 5’ early – and has posted footage of a much-changed Verdansk.

The footage, which has amassed more than 25,000 views, cannot be verified, nor does it confirm that the stadium could be arriving, but it certainly has got people talking.


Call of Duty Streamer Glitches Into Season 5 Map

The streamer, Steven L Hornick, tweeted: “I was streaming today and the map just completely changed only for me. All the trees had no leaves or were blown away from an explosion. Nuke?”

I Got Season 5 in Warzone Early!Hit that follow button at https://t.co/LDl268tsN9#twitch#twitchpartner#callofduty#Warzone#warzoneclips#ModernWarfare#gamingpic.twitter.com/Evz6GcOIHC
— Steven L. Hornick (@hornick105)
July 30, 2020

If true, then Warzone Season 5 will see the landscape destroyed by what looks like a huge explosion - evident in the barren trees and dusty landscape, but we’ll have to wait and see.


Elsewhere, as news ramps up around the latest season of Warzone, the official Call of Duty account tweeted asking for Stadium Names – as well as saying the ‘doors are open’ to new ideas.

If that’s not a hint the stadium is about to open, we don’t know what is!

Earlier in July, a leaked report says that the opening of the stadium will be one of two major changes coming to the Warzone map in the new season of post-launch content. The initial conversation surrounding what lies inside the stadium began after a screenshot showing a small glimpse of its interior.

How players will be able to access the stadium remains to be seen – although we’d expect multiple entry points – perhaps through the roof or the large main doors.


Warzone Season 5 is due to land in August, bringing some much-needed changes to the Verdansk landscape. As well as the Stadium possibly being opened, there are talks of a train arriving, where players will be able to board and obtain loot from within the carriages similar to the likes of Apex Legends and PUBG.