Apex Legends Season 6: New Leaks Show UFO POI

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Caught yourself wondering what Apex Legends Season 6 could bring? How Respawn Entertainment could ever improve on Season 5?

Wonder no longer! Dataminers have been hard at work wriggling and worming their way through the game code to find all the info they could get about the new season.

Players are wondering about a new map, but one dataminer has already confirmed a brand new POI at the very least.

If you're ready for some juicy Season 6 spoilers, read on...

Hints In The Devstream

Image courtesy of shrugtal.

Remember that innocuous dev stream showcasing Octane's new and improved abilities and so-called "buffs"?

Yeah, well something caught the attention of more eagle-eyed players.

That something was a UFO in the background, a UFO not currently a part of the King's Canyon landscape.

This will have been an intentional teaser from the developers, but nobody has been able to figure out anything about the new POI until now.

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Datamined Assets

Image courtesy of shrugtal.

Dataminer shrugtal decompiled the map and prop data to reconstruct the top-secret area in Blender.

Watch their video below for a full walkthrough (Season 5 spoilers from around the seven-minute mark), but we'll hit the key points.

A sign as you enter the new POI points you towards the Bravern, Reseda Tail, Restrooms, and West 45. Make of that what you will, but the UFO certainly seems to be a tourist hotspot.

The cherry blossoms also look a lot like those in the restaurant where Loba's parents were murdered...

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What Is It And Where Is It?

Image courtesy of shrugtal.

I mean, it's obviously not there yet, but the UFO looks set to replace the suspended skull between Gauntlet and Salvage.

Accessed by zipline as well as the two-way balloon currently linking the aforementioned POIs, the new area includes a tree-filled atrium and even a gift shop.

Perhaps the ship is a way for in-universe fans of the Apex Games to watch the action in real-time?

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Titanfall References

Apex Legends Season 6 new POI.
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Image courtesy of shrugtal.

A lot of the assets on the UFO look very similar to assets that fans might remember from Titanfall 2.

Most notably are the two huge ships, called Widows, pictured above. These transport Titans in the series, and lend credibility to the rumours that Titans are coming to the battle royale in some form.

However, shrugtal is keen to point out that it appears these Widows have been repurposed to carry regular cargo. We can still dream.

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