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Apex Legends Season 9: Ash Titanfall Character Returns, Who Are They, Everything We Know So Far

UPDATE: This article has been updated from its original content to include new, relevant information to Apex Legends as the game evolves and the story continues to evolve.

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Titanfall favorite, Ash, returns to Apex Legends after not being seen since Season 5.

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Ash Brings the Legacy of the Apex Predators With the Arena

The latest reveal for Apex Legends Season 9 is Ash's return to the games with an all-new Arena Mode.

The Season 9: Legacy trailer, narrated by Ash, featured the Titanfall 2 character, speaking about the legacy of the Apex Predators and welcoming players to the Arenas.


The Arena gameplay reveal is coming on April 26, 2021, but data miners have found that the mode will likely be a Squad vs. Squad mode with a focus on fast gameplay.

Ash seems to be pulling strings behind the Arena, and the overall vibe is that this is some underground event, not officially sanctioned by the Apex Games.

Who Is Ash?

Ash Titanfall Apex Legends Broken Ghost
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Ash is one of the antagonists - or minibosses - in Titanfall 2.


She pilots both Ronin-class and Reaper-class Titans as one of the Apex Predators, a lieutenant to big bad Blisk - who is also the mastermind behind the Apex Games.

However, after Ash's "death" at the hands of Jack Cooper and BT-7274, a company called Vinson Dynamics would rebuild her as another Simulacrum, transferring her consciousness to another robot body.

Sound familiar?

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What Does This Mean For Apex Legends?

Apex Legends Broken Ghost Season Quest
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Obviously, the first parallel is with everyone's favorite murder robot, Revenant.


But that doesn't explain why Loba was so intent on rebuilding Ash's head during Season 5. It seems clear, however, that Ash is the Broken Ghost.

Loba could be intent on repairing Ash and unleashing her on Revenant in a Sim v Sim battle. But it seems equally likely that Loba could want to study Ash's decapitated head to understand how to kill Revenant herself.

For instance, there are other potential connections; Ash's legs look similar to Octane's, and her memory loss again links to Revenant when he was an assassin.

Fans have theorized that Ash was put into a human body after her last Simulacrum body was destroyed and that this body was Wraith - it would explain her memory loss and why the two have the same ability.

We now know that this theory was wrong.

Through a series of events leading to a teaser for Season 9, we now know Ash is back and inviting players to the Arena, a brutal game featuring squad on squad combat.

It is a more intimate, personal battle.