Apex Legends Ash Release Date, Leaks, Abilities, And More

Apex Legends fans have been crossing their fingers for Ash to be added to the game for what seems like years. Ever since the game was revealed to be set in the Titanfall universe, players have been wishlisting their favourite characters to join the roster of Apex Legends, Ash being one of the most requested.

Many leaks and datamines revealed the sly simulacrum in the game code, but this ultimately ended in disappointment as Ash only entered the game to become the announcer in Apex Legends' Arenas mode.

However, the Titanfall favourite is now confirmed to be joining the roster proper. But there are still a few questions that need answering. Will she be human or simulacrum? Both? Will she hold a grudge against Wattson, who's grandmother stabbed her through the chest with a massive sword? How will her abilities work? Where will she slot on our Apex Legends tier list? And what's with the little rat?

We're here to answer as much as we can.

Ash, a humanoid robot, jumps out of the cockpit of a Titan.
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Apex Legends Ash Latest News

28 October - New Trailer

Another trailer has released, offering more lore tidbits for the Titanfall character, as well as showcasing her abilities, finishers, skins, and more.

It also gives players their best look yet at the new map, Storm Point. Check out the trailer in full here:

25 October - Gameplay Trailer Reveals More About Ash

The Season 11 gameplay trailer offers an even closer look at Ash's kit. She's quite similar to Wraith from first glance, but also reminds us that Wattson needs a buff...

You can watch the trailer here:

21 October - Ash Abilities Shown in Cinematic Trailer

Have a glimpse of Ash's abilities in the new trailer for Season 11: Escape.

18 October - Watch The New Stories From The Outlands Trailer Here

[5PM] - Ash has been revealed in all her glory along with an official name for the new season: Escape.

In addition to the excellent new trailer we've witnessed (below) the Apex website has also been updated with some new key art of the latest legend to join the games, as well as information on a new weapon: The C.A.R. SMG.

We've also got a look at the new Battle Pass Icon, which certainly hints at a more tropical setting.

Lastly, be sure to tune in on Thursday for the official launch trailer!

[9AM] - We've lined up the trailer for you, so all you need to do is hit play at 4pm BST.

17 October - New Stories From The Outlands Tease

The next stories from the outlands trailer has been announced and fans don't have long to wait. It airs on October 18, 8am PST, which is 4pm BST in the UK.

For those curious, the numbers mentioned on the official tweet, it appears to be related to the Ash "Wake Up" codes first teased in Season 5's Broken Ghost quest. You can see examples of this on this tweet from @shrugtal.

14 October - New Map Teasers Today

Our first map teaser should hopefully appear at some point later today on Olympus inside the Parachute Pod located between Powerstation East and the Welcome Center. We could potentially see a new message appearing on the laptop inside the pod, which up until now has simply displayed a “contacting origin ship” message.

13 October - New Comic Strip Revealed

Yep, we've got yet another comic strip released by the Apex Legends Twitter account following on from the one released at the start of the week. Have a read:

11 October - New Ash Lore Revealed In Comic Strip

In the lead up to Apex Legends Monsters Within Event, Apex Legends surprisingly dropped a new comic strip and it has revealed some interesting new lore and backstory to the ghostly character.

Rather than showing you the comic itself (which you can see on Apex's Twitter account on the link), instead have a watch of this new video from Garret, who summarises the content in a handy bite-sized video for fans. Enjoy!

Season 11 Datamines

The datamines appear to be correct, and Ash is on her way to the Apex Games! However, now the official announcement is out in the wild, there's not a lot else to say on datamines.

However, Ash's abilities have leaked, and you can find them below.

Ash in human form looks out of a window with one hand on a holographic display.
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What Are Ash's Abilities in Apex Legends?

It's official! Respawn has officially revealed Ash's abilities in Apex Legends.

Passive: Marked for Death

Ash's map shows the location of recent deathboxes and marks surviving attackers.

Tactical: Arc Snare

Throw a spinning snare that damages and tethers the first enemy who gets too close.

Ash's Tactical is a throwback to the Thunderbolt, a deadly Titanfall weapon. It also sounds a bit like a potential Wattson ability, what with the electricity and all. Perhaps Ash is taking this ability as revenge for Wattson's grandmother, you know, stabbing her.

Ultimate: Phase Breach

Tears open a one-way portal to a targeted location.

Ash's Ultimate ability seems to be inspired by her Ronin-class Titan in Titanfall 2. Similar to Wraith, she will be able to phase jump and create a portal. We don't know how Respawn will differentiate this from Wraith's Ultimate, but maybe it will knock the queen of Apex from the top of our tier list?

Apex Legends Ash Leaks

As well as the leaks mentioned above, we also have reason to believe that Revenant will be involved in Ash's Season 11 story.

During the Halloween event Shadow Royale, Revenant has voice lines for his shadowy alter ego, which insults each of the Legends. Garret has found that, when it comes to insulting himself (it's inter-dimensional, don't question it), he calls the real version of himself "Ash's white knight," suggesting that our favourite murder robot has something to do with the next murder robot joining the games.

Who Is Ash in Apex Legends?

Ash is one of the antagonists - or minibosses - in Titanfall 2.

She pilots both Ronin-class and Reaper-class Titans as one of the Apex Predators, a lieutenant to big bad Blisk - who is also the mastermind behind the Apex Games.

However, after Ash's "death" at the hands of Jack Cooper and BT-7274, a company called Vinson Dynamics would rebuild her as another Simulacrum, transferring her consciousness to another robot body.

Sound familiar? A certain Revenant has a similar story. After Valkyrie's relationship with Viper was revealed two seasons ago and Ash on the way, we could see even more Titanfall characters make their way into the Apex Games.

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