FIFA 20: Summer Heat Promo LIVE: Summer Heat Squad, Weekend League Rewards, Countdown, Expected Content, SBCs, Objectives, Predictions & Offers

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With Team of the Season coming to an end in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team, many were expecting FUTTIES. to be the next promo event, but Summer Heat has taken its place with some borrowed aspects

Featuring special cards with boosted stats, ranging from fan favourite SBCs, objectives and voted players, there's something for everyone.

Here's all you need to know on the Summer Heat Promo!

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Latest News

Summer Heat Best Of Release 3 Is Now Live - 17th July

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Summer Heat Release Date

This brand new promo event arrived on Wednesday 17th June.


What Is Summer Heat?

Summer Heat offers players a chance to gain players they may have missed out on previously in the season.

This will include fan favourite SBCs and upgradable objective players.

Dedicated FUT fans will also get login rewards for playing the game as well as a new structure to Weekend League rewards.

We're also getting a voting aspect within the promo, similar to FUTTIES.

Based on the new loading screen within FUT, it's definitely a new promotional event with two card designs.

Potentially with a featured team and special "moments" cards to celebrate big moments from past seasons - earnable via objectives and SBCs.

Summer Heat Voting

FIFA fans will help decide which popular FUT player items will receive special boosted Summer Heat Winner items.

For 24 hours on select days throughout the campaign, players will find a Player Pick pack available in their account upon login. Each Player Pick will showcase loan versions of 3 FUT Summer Heat nominees.

Nominees will include some of the most popular players from the past season of FUT. The player you select will receive your vote.

The FUT Summer Heat Nominee that receives the most votes will be released via Squad Building Challenge as an upgraded Summer Heat Winner item. The two runners up will still receive boosted Summer Heat items as well, but they'll be made available exclusively in FUT Draft.

Summer Showdown Special Items

Each week we'll highlight one real-world football match by releasing a special FUT Summer Heat player item via Squad Building Challenges for one player on each team from the highlighted matchup.

The special Summer Showdown item from the winning side will receive a permanent +3 OVR stats boost. In the event of a draw, both items will receive a +1 OVR boost.

'Best of' Re-Releases

We'll recognize a selection of the best campaign special items from the past year by re-releasing them in FUT 20 packs. Three different times throughout FUT Summer Heat, a new collection of ‘Best of’ Re-released special items will be refreshed. The first group of 'Best of' players will be available beginning 17 June.

Take a look at the players here.

Summer Heat Fan Favourites

A selection of popular FUT favourites from FUT 20 are coming back in a big way. Select Summer Heat Fan Favourites will see the release of new versions of previously released SBC and Objective special items, now with boosted stats. Those reinvigorated special items will be available via Squad Building Challenges or Objectives.

Tiered Engagement Reward Packs

Throughout Summer Heat, eligible players will have the opportunity to claim reward packs based on their engagement with FUT 20. You'll have the entire duration of Summer Heat to log in to FUT and claim your reward packs if you've qualified to receive them.

Summer Heat kicks off with the following first round of engagement rewards:

  • 1-60 days: Jumbo Premium Gold Pack
  • 61-147 days: Prime Gold Players Pack
  • 148-234 days: Rare Mega Pack
  • 235+ days: Ultimate Pack

There will be two additional opportunities to earn rewards based on how many times you login over the course of the FUT Summer Heat campaign.These rewards will be determined based on how many Session Days you accumulate during the following date ranges:

  • Period #1: June 17 to June 28
  • Period #2: June 17 to July 12

Weekend League Rewards

During Summer Heat, Weekend League reward Player Pick Packs will contain special items from select FUT 20 campaigns from throughout the year.

  • Top 100 - The TOTSSF 11 Players Pack will be replaced with a 'Best of' 11 Players Pack containing 11 special items rated 90 or higher from the above list of select FUT 20 campaign items.
  • Elite 3 - Elite 1 - The TOTSSF 3 Player Pack will be replaced with a 'Best Of' 3 Players Pack containing 3 special items rated 90 or higher from the above list of select FUT 20 campaign items.
  • Gold 2+ - Any Player Pick packs earned will have a minimum of 1 special item from the above list of select FUT 20 campaign items rated 90 or higher.
  • Silver 1+ - Any player items earned from Player Pick packs will be from the above list of select FUT 20 campaign items and be rated 83 or higher.Silver 2 and 3 - Any player items earned from Player Pick packs will be from the above list of select FUT 20 campaign items and will have a maximum rating of 88.

See the full rewards here.

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