Warzone Season 5: Best Hard Drive Deals for Season 5 update!

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The Warzone Season 5 update is now available to pre-load and, as expected, comes with a whopping update size.

With huge map updates to the Stadium and Train Station confirmed in the latest trailer, it's no wonder this update is upwards of 30GB.


If you don't want your console to turn into a 'Warzone machine' ahead of the launch of the likes of FIFA 21, Cyberpunk 2077 and Marvel's Avengers, we've got the best deals on external hard drives down below.

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Best Value Hard Drive- Get this Seagate Hard Drive for just over £40!

Seagate, the most trusted and best-selling brand of external hard drives, has seen an influx of gamers buying their products over the past few months, with many of their models are now sold out across the internet.

Given people flock to Seagate products like Warzone players to the Grau-MP5 setup, it’s surprising to see these great offers appear on their hard drives!

This 1TB Seagate hard drive is the perfect storage device for anyone fed up of having to delete games, screenshots, or recordings to make room for the growing size of Warzone. It's incredibly easy to set up, with instant Plug and Play compatibility.


Make sure to buy the basic Seagate HDD rather than the 'Amazon-exclusive' product that costs £2 more!

If you're worried that transferring games to your external hard drive will increase loading times or input delays, Seagate promise that with their USB 3.0 technology there will be very little difference compared to if games are installed within the internal storage, meaning you won't be losing any gunfights just because of your hard drive.

For just £42.99, this is the perfect choice for anyone who wants more console storage without having to break the bank.

CLICK HERE TO BUY: 1TB Seagate External Hard Drive HDD- £42.99

2TB WD MyPortable Passport Hard Drive

If 1TB isn't enough for you, then WD is offering a 2TB Hard Drive for just £65.29!

This huge storage device is a great choice for if you want to store both games, documents, and photos all in one place! If you're worried about sensitive information or documents being stolen if you lose your hard drive on the go, if you enable WD's password protection, the hard drive's built-in 256-bit AES hardware encryption will be sure to prevent anyone from getting into your files.


CLICK HERE TO BUY: 2TB WD MyPortable Passport Hard Drive- £65.29

Best SSD Storage Deal- £13 off Samsung T5 500GB SSD

If you're especially worried about transfer speeds, especially when playing Warzone on the PC, this Samsung SSD will put your mind at rest with its insane transfer speeds for just £86.99! The T5 is also the perfect storage device for anyone on the move as it is smaller than a business card and weighs just 51g! 

You may think its compact nature would impact the transfer speeds, but the T5 boasts of being 4.9x faster than an external HDD device. Just like the MyPortable Passport, it offers AES 256-bit hardware encryption, too.

Get Red-y for the Warzone Season 5 update! (I'm sorry)

CLICK HERE TO BUY: Samsung T5 500GB SSD- £86.99


Freebie of the Day- Free Trial of Amazon Prime!

If you're looking get your new storage device as soon as possible, having to pay for Next-Day Delivery can be incredibly frustrating. With a free 30-Day Trial of Amazon Prime, you will have access to unlimited Prime Delivery for all your storage and gaming needs!

Amazon Prime also comes with a month of Amazon Prime Video and a free Twitch Prime sub for if Ninja or Shroud make their way back to the platform now Mixer has closed down.

CLICK HERE TO TRY: Free 30-Day Trial of Amazon Prime

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