What Is the Meta in Season 6 of Warzone?

Season 6 of Warzone is in full swing and as players drop into Verdansk for its final season, Raven Software ushered in a wealth of changes to some of the more popular weapons in the arsenal as part of the update. Some of those that received a nerf included the C58 and EM2 assault rifles, two weapons that had dominated the meta throughout Season 5.

With slight tweaks impacting their mid-range and long-distance performance, players have been on the lookout for viable alternatives to use in its place, sparking a change in the existing metagame. With that said, what exactly is the meta for Season 6 of Warzone? Find out here!

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Warzone Season 6 Meta

Warzone Season 6 Meta
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Due to several weapons being tweaked to bring them in line with the rest of the arsenal, many players quickly spotted that the AK-47 from Black Ops Cold War hadn't been affected, much to their delight. Armed with incredible damage output and minimal recoil with the right attachments equipped, it has skyrocketed in popularity, appearing in the loadouts of many. For a secondary weapon, Cold War's MP5 has also proven a hit, featuring a very fast time to kill and high levels of mobility to succeed in close-quarters action. Alongside these two weapons, others have also increased in popularity. Here's a full list of meta weapons being used in Season 6:

The Best Warzone Season 6 Loadout

According to Warzone content creator JGOD, the very best loadout to be using in Season 6 is the combination of the AK-47 from Cold War and the Bullfrog SMG. The AK is more than capable of dealing with any kind of mid-range and long-distance duels with the opposition while the Bullfrog can thrive in close-range scenarios. Thanks to the SMG's huge magazine, it frees up an attachment slot to further increase mobility levels.

To find the best attachments to equip onto the AK-47 and the Bullfrog, check out our full loadout guides with everything you need to know!

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