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Bullfrog Warzone Loadout: Best Attachments, Setup And Loadout For Your Class

Season 4 Reloaded in Warzone is in full swing and as Raven Software continues to change the performance of several weapons in the arsenal, the Bullfrog continues to be a popular choice when it comes to selecting the best Warzone SMG. This SMG bears heavy similarities to the PP19 Bizon from Modern Warfare but seems far superior thanks to incredible levels of mobility and control when engaging with an opponent in mid-range combat.

With a variety of attachments to select to suit all styles of play, it can be tricky to determine which are the best Bullfrog Warzone attachments to equip. In this guide, find everything you need to know about the Bullfrog, including the very best loadout to use.

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Bullfrog Warzone Best Loadout

The Bullfrog is one of those weapons that is often overlooked despite being one of the more lethal SMGs that are on offer.

Armed with a large magazine as standard, it is possible to create a variety of attachment combinations to suit all styles of play.

Alongside the large magazine, its moderate rate of fire and solid damage range means that the Bullfrog is easily one of the more versatile SMGs that are on offer.

With plenty of attachments to select in the Gunsmith, here are the best ones to equip.

Bullfrog Warzone Best Attachments

  • GRU Suppressor (Muzzle)
  • 7.4" Task Force (Barrel)
  • Spetsnaz Grip (Underbarrel)
  • KGB Target Designator (Laser)
  • 65 Round Speed Mag (Ammunition)

This set of attachments has been running riot around the streets of Verdansk '84 and Rebirth Island thanks to its non-existent levels of recoil and incredible mobility speeds that are often unmatched.

While the suppressor and barrel provide slight increases to damage range to improve versatility, the main focus of this loadout is to maximise mobility which will help you succeed in those close-quarters engagements that can often get hectic.

Bullfrog Warzone Class


Pelington 703

  • Infantry Stabilizer (Muzzle)
  • 25” Reinforced Heavy (Barrel)
  • Royal & Kross 4x (Optic)
  • SASR Jungle Grip (Rear Grip)
  • Front Grip (Underbarrel)

It is very difficult to make an impact with the Bullfrog at extremely long distances which is why we have selected the Pelington 703 as the secondary weapon.

This sniper rifle is very easy to use and thanks to its fast aim down sight time, scoping in quickly to deal with a camper on a faraway rooftop has never been easier.


  • Proximity Mine (Lethal)
  • Smoke Grenade (Tactical)

When dropping into a hotly contested area of the map, using a proximity mine in the early stages of a game is an effective way to add a few more kills to the scoreboard. Place it on the other side of a doorway to give anyone entering an explosive surprise.

The smoke grenade is arguably the most versatile piece of tactical equipment to use. Throw it to block off a line of sight or use it to tee up a surprise attack on some unsuspecting opposition.

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  • Quick Fix (Perk 1)
  • Overkill (Perk 2)
  • Tune-Up (Perk 3)

Quick Fix may seem like a strange Perk choice but in heavily populated areas of the map, it is tricky to find a quiet area to regenerate health. As soon as you’ve secured a kill, health regeneration begins immediately, enabling you to stay in the action for a longer period of time.

Overkill enables you to use two primary weapons on the same loadout while Tune-Up decreases revive time by a quarter, which is ideal when battling it out against multiple teams.