Warzone Season 6 LIVE: Everything We Know

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Season 5 Reloaded of Warzone is in full swing and as players begin to explore what's on offer in Verdansk and Rebirth Island, some are already beginning to turn their attention to the release of Season 6, the final season of the Black Ops Cold War era.

With the release of a brand-new map set in the Pacific launching shortly after Call of Duty: Vanguard's release, Season 6 will be the last one that takes place in Verdansk. With it being Verdansk's final season, it's likely Raven Software will be pulling out all the stops to release a wide range of content. Find absolutely everything you need to know about Warzone Season 6.

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Latest News

Season 6 is LIVE! - October 7th

Season 6 is now live across all platforms! Jump into Verdansk to explore the WWII bunkers and rank up the Battle Pass to get your hands on all kinds of new weaponry.

One Day To Go! - October 6th

In 24 hours, Warzone Season 6 will be underway! Players are expecting plenty of new additions to the battle royale as the season will be the last one to take place in Verdansk before the game moves to a brand-new map set in the Pacific.

Season 6 Gameplay Trailer - September 30th

The official trailer for Season 6 is here! There are huge changes to Downtown and Stadium alongside the return of the original Gulag! Check out the full trailer below.

Season 6 Intro - September 28th

The official cinematic trailer for Season 6 has been revealed by Activision. The minute-long trailer shows Stitch and an unknown ally planting an explosive in a World War 2 bunker while Mason finally tracks down Adler. Meanwhile, the explosion is detonated and causes huge damage to several areas of Verdansk.


Season 6 Artwork Leaked - September 27th

With just a few weeks before the launch of Season 6, the official artwork for the upcoming season has been leaked, much to the excitement of the community. The leak all but confirms the arrival of Alex Mason as an Operator.

Warzone Season 6 Patch Notes - September 27th

Even though the launch of Season 6 is a few weeks away, we can get a rough idea of what will arrive in Warzone thanks to previous updates. Check out the patch notes for changes we can expect to see.

Season 5 Outro - September 23rd

The outro cinematic for Warzone Season 5 has been unveiled by Treyarch. The meeting between Hudson and Woods confirms that Mason is en route to Verdansk in a bid to track down Adler. Check out the trailer below!

Alex Mason Arriving - September 12th

Thanks to a recent data mine, a leaker claims that legendary Black Ops character Alex Mason will be making an appearance in Season 6. With Stitch intending on executing the mysterious Numbers programme, there's no better person suited to halting the plot in its tracks.

Warzone Season 6 Roadmap

Activision has officially unveiled the roadmap of content for Season 6 and as expected, it's jam-packed full of new additions!

Warzone Season 6 Roadmap
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Warzone Season 6 2021 Start Date

Ghost Warzone Operator Aiming Down Sights of Assault Rifle
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Based on when the Season 5 Battle Pass comes to an end, we can determine when the next season of post-launch content will get underway. We expect Season 6 of Warzone to commence on October 7th/8th.

Battle Pass

As with the start of every new season, players will be able to get their hands on a brand-new Battle Pass complete with 100 Tiers of new content for players to unlock. The Season 6 Battle Pass will cost 1,000 COD Points and for those that want to get a headstart, the pass with 20 Tier Skips will cost 2,400 COD Points.


Thanks to the Season 6 cinematic, eagle-eyed players have spotted some of the new additions that are expected to arrive into the Warzone arsenal. Here's a full list of weapons arriving:

  • .410 Ironhide - Shotgun (Launch)
  • Grav - Assault Rifle (Launch)
  • Battle Axe - Melee (Launch)
  • LAPA - SMG (In-Season)
  • Hammer and Sickle - Melee (In-Season)

Map Changes

Many players have been disappointed with the lack of changes to Verdansk '84 and considering Season 6 is the last one to take place in Verdansk, it would be the perfect opportunity for Raven Software to make some radical changes to the map. The mine shafts have remained closed since the new map was released, could the doors finally open up as part of the storyline between Adler and Stitch?

As well as the possibility of the mineshaft opening, Season 6 will play host to the All Hallow's Eve Halloween event, which could see some spooky additions across the map.

Halloween Event

With Season 6 kicking off in October, it's highly likely that the Halloween Event will be taking place in the first few weeks. Known as The Haunting, the event will get underway on October 19th.


As always, the start of a brand-new season will contain some brand-new Operators on the roster. Considering that the conflict between Adler and Stitch is reaching its conclusion, it's likely that one Operator will be one of Perseus' associates while the other could be a classic Black Ops character. Could we finally see Alex Mason arrive?

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