Warzone Halloween Event 2021: Start Time, Operators Update & Everything You Need To Know

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Although it may seem like Halloween is a while away, some players are already beginning to wonder whether Warzone will be getting a seasonal update in 2021. The battle royale has previously hosted a Halloween event in the form of The Haunting of Verdansk where Zombies and some iconic horror movie characters arrived into the game.

With October starting this week, hopefully, we'll see some spooky teasers soon for this year's event. Based on what we've already seen from last year's update, here's what we can expect from Warzone's 2021 Halloween event.

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Latest News

21 October 2021 - The Haunting Event End Date

Even The Haunting has just begun, some players are already beginning to wonder when the event will be coming to a close. According to the event countdown, The Haunting will end on November 2nd, just in time for the launch of Vanguard on November 5th. Check out our dedicated Vanguard hub for all the latest news, leaks, and information.

20 October 2021 - The Fear Meter

As part of The Ghosts of Verdansk mode, players have to manage their Fear Meter in order to avoid experiencing a range of hallucinations that can often bring a match to an end. Find out how to keep the meter at a minimum in our guide.

19 October 2021 (5pm) - Black Ops Cold War Game Modes

It's not just Warzone that's getting involved with spooky season. Black Ops Cold War will feature three new multiplayer modes including one where players get to hunt down their opposition through the eyes of Ghostface. Find out more intel in our guide!

19 October 2021 (3pm) - Ghostface Operator

The legendary Ghostface character from the Scream franchise is joining the Operator roster as part of The Haunting. Click here to find out how you unlock it.

19 October 2021 (12pm) - Frank The Rabbit Operator

Alongside Ghostface, Frank The Rabbit from Donnie Darko will also be appearing during The Haunting. Find out how to get your hands on the Operator Skin in our guide!

19 October 2021 (9am) - The Ghosts of Verdansk Mode

One of the limited-time modes making their way into Warzone is The Ghosts of Verdansk. Described as a "spiritual successor" to Zombie Royale, the mode will see players attempt to defeat ghosts. The last team standing is the winner.

18 October 2021 (6pm) - The Haunting Event Roadmap

Activision has officially unveiled the roadmap for The Haunting event and it features a number of spooky updates to Black Ops Cold War and Warzone. Check it out below:

Warzone The Haunting Event Roadmap
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18 October 2021 - Nighttime Verdansk Returning?

During the first teaser trailer for The Haunting, eagle-eyed players managed to spot Swagg playing a nighttime version of the battle royale. Is Verdansk going dark once again? We will have to wait and see.

17 October 2021 - LAPA Gameplay Leaked

Prior to the LAPA submachine gun going live as part of The Haunting event, one crafty player has managed to get their hands on the weapon early. Check out the weapon in action here.

16 October 2021 - The Haunting Reveal Trailer

The Call of Duty YouTube channel will reveal a full-length trailer for The Haunting event on October 18th. "Fight fear with fire. Play and complete limited-time event challenges and modes to unlock event-exclusive rewards, a new weapon, and more than your fair share of scares."

15 October 2021 - Swagg Stars In The Haunting Teaser

FaZe Clan member Swagg received an unexpected phone call while playing Warzone in the first teaser trailer for The Haunting. Check it out below!

15 October 2021 - Der Anfang Vanguard Zombies Map

We know it's not Halloween just yet so to get you in the mood for The Haunting, Treyarch has unveiled Der Anfang, a brand-new Dark Aether storyline releasing in Call of Duty: Vanguard. Find everything you need to know about it in our dedicated hub by clicking here!

13 October 2021 - Scream Deathmatch Mode Leaked

Notable Call of Duty leaker @HeyImAlaix has managed to uncover a screenshot showcasing a brand-new game mode known as "Scream Deathmatch." The screenshot shows players roaming the map through the eyes of Ghostface.

Scream Deathmatch Cod Halloween Event
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Warzone Halloween Event 2021 Trailer

The first look at what The Haunting has in store will be shown in a trailer featuring Swagg and Ghostface from the Scream franchise. So you don't miss any of the news, we've embedded the trailer below so you can tune in:

Warzone Halloween Event 2021 Start Date

Thanks to the Season 6 roadmap, we now know when Verdansk will be getting spooky. The Haunting event will get underway from October 19th, just in time for the Halloween celebrations!

Warzone Halloween Event 2021 Name

The Halloween event is currently being labeled as The Haunting, but recent leaks have revealed that the name of the event will be "The Ghosts of Verdansk."

Warzone Halloween Event Operators

Ghostface Holding Red Knife
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Just like the previous Warzone event, it's expected that legendary characters from horror movies will be making an appearance on the streets of Verdansk and Rebirth Island. According to rumours, Ghostface from the Scream franchise will be released as part of a cosmetics bundle.

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