Leaker Claims Alex Mason Will Arrive In Season 6

Although Season 5 Reloaded for Warzone and Black Ops Cold War has just started, the attention of some players is already turning towards the launch of Season 6, the final season of post-launch content in Cold War's game cycle. Even though there have been no clues as to what the next season will contain, data miners have already managed to uncover a few pieces of intel surrounding some of the content expected to launch across both titles.

In recent seasons, classic characters from the Black Ops series have been appearing as Operators and to round off the game cycle, Alex Mason has been discovered within the files of the game, much to the excitement of the community.

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Alex Mason Operator

Alex Mason From Black Ops Cold War
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After Jason Hudson made an appearance in Season 5, Mason is expected to be the latest Black Ops legend to appear in Warzone and Cold War. The discovery was made by data miner @sebas44123 who managed to uncover the outro for Season 5 where Frank Woods mentions Mason in conversation.

"Go find Mason," Hudson commands Woods. "He knows what has to be done." It's clear that Mason will be playing a key part against Stitch's plan to activate the Numbers programme onto Verdansk and with The Numbers mid-season event right around the corner, there's a chance we could be seeing Mason playing a huge role in a bid to stop Perseus once and for all.

When Will Mason Arrive In Warzone?

Although there has been no official confirmation of Mason's arrival in Warzone, it's expected that he will be one of the main protagonists in Season 6 which gets underway on October 8th. He could be available as part of the Battle Pass or as a standalone Operator bundle costing 2400 COD Points.

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