Best Gorenko Anti-Tank Rifle Loadout, Blueprint & Attachments for Call of Duty Vanguard

Season 1 of Vanguard is finally here, much to the excitement of the community that's been looking forward to the first post-launch content drop for several weeks. Season 1 will feature a huge amount of content ranging from new multiplayer maps, an all-new Battle Pass, and Operators making their way into the game.

Alongside all of the above content, three new weapons will be arriving in Vanguard's extensive arsenal. One of them is the Gorenko Anti-Tank Rifle, a new sniper featuring incredible levels of firepower but high levels of recoil, making it very difficult to control. In this guide, find the best Gorenko attachments and the best Gorenko loadout to use in multiplayer.

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COD Vanguard Gorenko Anti-Tank Rifle

The sniper rifle meta in Vanguard has been dominated by the Kar98k thanks to its impressive mobility and ability to take down a target with a single shot from almost any distance. The semi-automatic firing mechanism of the Gorenko does set it apart from its counterparts, enabling players to follow up quickly if the first shot doesn't land.

Whether the Gorenko will influence the existing metagame remains to be seen but it's likely that it will feature in the loadouts of several players as Season 1 gets underway.

Best Vanguard Gorenko Anti-Tank Rifle Attachments

After spending some time experimenting with different attachment combinations in the Gunsmith, we found that this particular build provides some much-needed recoil control alongside some accuracy improvements that will enable players to guarantee the kill with the first few shots that are fired.

  • Muzzle: G28 Compensator
  • Barrel: 420mm Empress
  • Optic: ZF4 3.5x Rifle Scope
  • Stock: ZAC Custom Precision
  • Ammo Type: Concussive Ammo
  • Rear Grip: Fabric Grip
  • Proficiency: Focus
  • Kit: Deep Breath

To make the most of the semi-auto fire rate, this set of attachments focuses on high levels of accuracy that will allow players to unleash a barrage of gunfire onto their intended target without having to adjust their aim. The G28 Compensator and ZAC Custom Precision Stock provide huge improvements to the horizontal recoil while the Concussive Ammo Type makes it very easy to land a second shot thanks to an increase in Suppression dealt to the enemy.

Call of Duty Vanguard Best Gorenko Anti-Tank Rifle Loadout
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Best Vanguard Gorenko Anti-Tank Rifle Loadout

With the best Gorenko attachments ready for battle, building the rest of the loadout to guarantee the best possible performance is the next step to achieving success with this particular sniper rifle. Everything from Perk selection to the right combination of equipment can be the difference between scoring another kill towards your next streak or another viewing of the Killcam.


  • Perk 1: Ghost
  • Perk 2: Intuition
  • Perk 3: Tactician

Ghost conceals your location from any enemy Spy Planes when moving around the map while Intuition will cause your vision to pulse when any opposition is closing in on your position. Lastly is Tactician. This Perk restocks tactical equipment every 30 seconds, meaning you'll always have a Stun Grenade ready to throw to deter anyone from attempting to kill you.


  • Lethal: Incendiary Grenade
  • Tactical: Stun Grenade

Incendiary Grenades are the newest piece of equipment to arrive in Vanguard. Throw it to create a blazing inferno that damages anyone that gets too close. If you're finding it tricky to land shots on fast-moving opponents with the Gorenko, throw a Stun Grenade to slow their progress and to secure the kill with ease.

Field Upgrade

  • Field Mic

To increase levels of awareness even further, the Field Mic will show any enemy movement on the minimap, allowing you to plot your next plan of attack easily.

Best Vanguard Gorenko Blueprint

As the Gorenko is one of the newest weapons to arrive in Vanguard, we expect it to receive a wealth of weapon blueprints over the course of the season. Once we find the best one to use, we will update the guide on how to unlock it.

Is The Gorenko Good in Vanguard?

Having used it in several matches, the Gorenko certainly has its place in the Vanguard arsenal thanks to its firing mechanism and immense power but with the Kar98k possessing even more power and higher mobility levels, I think that it will suit a slower style of play rather than quickscoping the opposition.

There you have it! That's how to prepare the Gorenko for battle in Vanguard multiplayer. For more Season 1 intel, check out how to unlock the Awoken Operator Skin and how to get your hands on the Sawtooth melee weapon.

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