How to Unlock Awoken Operator Skin

Season 1 of Warzone Pacific and Call of Duty Vanguard is almost here, much to the delight of the Call of Duty fans. Along with the new guns and the Caldera map, Raven Software has announced a number of gameplay changes and information on the Operators that will be appearing in the battle royale and multiplayer

With just a couple of days left for the update’s introduction, the fans are excited to explore the new Battle Pass rewards. The Awoken Operator Skin is one of the Battle Pass Tier rewards in Season 1. In this guide, find out how to unlock the Awoken Operator Skin as well as everything we know about the newest addition.

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Awoken Francis Operator Skin

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Thanks to the Season 1 roadmap unveiling a wealth of information surrounding the upcoming season, the Awoken skin is one of the final pieces of content that can be unlocked through the Battle Pass. Simply reach Tier 100 to get your hands on the skin. Once unlocked, you'll be able to equip Francis with one of the most unique Operator Skins in Vanguard and Warzone.

Will Other Operators Also Have Awoken Operator Skin?

The latest Call of Duty blog post clearly states that this skin is designed for Francis, one of three Operators that are a part of Taskforce Trident. The power to introduce similar skins for the rest of the Operators rests in the hands of the developers.

For more intel, check out our Vanguard and Warzone Pacific hubs containing everything you need to know about the new season!

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