Vanguard Season 1: All Multiplayer Maps Arriving

Despite a lot of focus being on Warzone and its transition to the Pacific, Season 1 of Vanguard is still expected to be exciting for fans of multiplayer and Zombies. Alongside the addition of new guns and Operators, Sledgehammer Games is also adding two new maps into the pool, including a Pacific makeover of a "fan-favourite."

Vanguard launched with a total of 16 maps, giving players plenty of variety when jumping into all of the available game modes. With the addition of Shipment and the two new maps, there will be 19 maps for players to battle it out on which is certainly positive for those that don't like playing the same maps over and over again. Here are the new maps expected to arrive in Season 1.

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Vanguard Season 1 Maps

Call of Duty Vanguard Season 1 Maps
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Thanks to the Season 1 roadmap, we now know details on the two maps that will be making their way to multiplayer. The first map is Paradise and is based on a weapons testing facility set in the Pacific. The map features three lanes along with toxic pools of mysterious liquid that are likely to deal damage if you get too close.

The second map will be extremely familiar to hardcore Call of Duty fans. Modern Warfare 3's Dome has received a Pacific makeover and is now known as Radar. With plenty of fast-paced combat, this map is no place for campers as players frantically rush around looking for their next elimination.

When Can You Play The New Maps?

The new maps will be available to play as soon as Season 1 goes live on December 8th. Unlike previous seasons, both maps are expected to be available at launch, meaning there's no waiting around to master the new playing fields!

That's everything we know about the maps arriving in Season 1 of Vanguard. Don't forget to check out our dedicated hub packed with all the latest news and information you need to know.

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