All Perks Included In Call of Duty Vanguard Confirmed So Far

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Call of Duty: Vanguard's release is finally here and thanks to Sledgehammer Games revealing a wealth of information surrounding the multiplayer, players have already got their hands on a small portion of content thanks to the beta weekends.

Call of Duty multiplayer has featured a Perk system since Call of Duty 4 and every year, developers modify and create new Perks that can benefit players over the course of a match. Vanguard is no different and features a wide range of Perks that can be used to gain an advantage over the opposition. In this article, find a complete list of Perks available to select in the game.

Call of Duty Vanguard is out now. Follow the link to read our Vanguard review and early impressions.

Call of Duty Vanguard Perks

Message Box Showing Information On Vanguard's Perks
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Perk 1

  • Armory - Use Equipment faster. Your equipment is immune to the Engineer Perk and can't be hijacked or viewed through walls.
  • Serpentine - Sprinting reduces incoming damage.
  • Ghost - Undetectable while moving by Spy Planes, enemy Intel, and Field Mics.
  • Fortified - Reduces damage and health regeneration delay from explosives. Reduction increased while prone, crouched, or mounted.
  • Survival Training - Maximum resistance to stun effects. Immunity to gas.
  • Ninja - Silences footsteps when moving around the map.
  • Tracker - Enemies leave a trail of footprints. Able to spot markers at enemy death locations and able to hide death markers of enemies you kill.
  • Cold Blooded - Invisible to AI-controlled Killstreaks. Resistance to High Alert.
  • Dauntless - Immune to movement-reducing effects.

Perk 2

  • Intuition - Your vision pulses when enemies are nearby, even through walls.
  • High Alert - Vision pulses when an enemy outside of your vision has spotted you.
  • Radar - Enemies appear on minimap when firing unsuppressed weaponry.
  • Forward Intel - Spot indicators for enemy reinforcements on the minimap. The minimap also shows a larger area.
  • Engineer - Ability to detect enemy equipment and Killstreaks through walls.
  • Tracker - Ability to spot the footsteps of nearby opponents.
  • Piercing Vision - Suppressed targets will be highlighted for a short time, making them visible through walls.

Perk 3

  • Mechanic - Field Upgrades charge 20% faster.
  • Demolition - Spawn in with an extra piece of Lethal equipment. Thrown lethal equipment shows its path.
  • Tactician - Restocks Tactical equipment every 30 seconds.
  • Overkill - Ability to carry two primary weapons in the same loadout.
  • Double Time - Doubles length of Tactical Sprint and increases crouch movement speed by 30%.
  • Lightweight - Increased movement speed. Increased movement penalty from Suppression.
  • Scavenger - Ability to retrieve ammo from fallen soldiers.

There you have it! That's the complete list of Perks that are available to use in Vanguard multiplayer. For more intel, check out the best AS44 loadout to use as well as the best FOV settings.

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