Call of Duty Vanguard Sniper Rifle Tier List, Ranked From Best To Worst

When it comes to making an impact from a distance in Call of Duty: Vanguard, there are very few weapons that can outperform a sniper rifle. Often armed with the ability to eliminate an opponent with a single bullet, snipers are ideal for holding down specific areas of the map from afar and frequently feature in some close-range scenarios as players attempt to score a clip worthy of the highlight reel. As Season 1 nears, players are beginning to assert their dominance with snipers as they slowly work their way into the meta.

With just three sniper rifles to select, two of which were available to use in the beta weekends, it's tough to decide which of them is better than the other as they both performed well during matches. Here's a complete tier list for Vanguard's sniper rifles.

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Call of Duty Vanguard Sniper Rifle Tier List

With very little separating Vangard's sniper rifles, it was tricky to decide which was the very best to use in multiplayer but after some consideration, we finally settled on the superior sniper.


This bolt-action rifle has dominated the Warzone meta for several seasons and in Vanguard, it maintains its place as the best sniper to be using. Armed with an incredible output of damage and minimal recoil once fired, the Kar98k packs a deadly punch at long ranges and can also be used in close quarters thanks to its high levels of mobility.

Call of Duty Vanguard Sniper Rifle Tier List
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There is very little separating the 3-Line Rifle from the Kar98k but after using the sniper for a while, the regular occurrence of hitmarkers quickly proved to be its downfall. It's still a strong sniper to be using but with two shots often being needed to score a kill, it may lead to some switching to the Kar98k.


  • Type 99

Despite possessing similar characteristics to the Kar98k, the Type 99 has less firepower and speed than the other rifle, meaning it's arguably the worst sniper to use in Vanguard multiplayer. Some attachments do improve the damage range, but the frequent hitmarkers are hugely annoying when you're after a one-shot kill.

That's all of Vanguard's snipers ranked from best to worst. For more tier lists, check out the best assault rifles and submachine guns to be used.