BitLife model - how to become a supermodel

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Screenshot from BitLife, showing the character applying for the Foot Model role

Looking to become a BitLife model? We've got all the tips you need! Heading into the world of fashion is one of the most lucrative career paths in the game, so join us as we break down how to find success as a model.

We'll go through what the BitLife Model career involves, as well as how to open the door to this glamourous line of work. On top of that, we'll look at the different jobs on the modelling ladder as you progress to becoming an A-list supermodel. We'll also look at the obvious perks of the job and the tidy salaries you can expect to take home.


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What is a BitLife model?

As the name suggests, being a BitLife model will mean that your character's full-time profession will be in the fashion industry. In a varying range of roles, you'll hit the catwalk, draw the attention of the paparazzi, and build up your own fanbase. Being a BitLife model will undoubtedly make you famous. And the bigger you get, the more photoshoots, commercial roles, and opportunities (like writing your autobiography) you'll be presented with.

As a BitLife model, there's a wide range of roles available: some of them more prestigious than others, with higher wages and an increased chance of becoming famous. The BitLife model jobs are as follows:

  • Foot Model
  • Hand Model
  • Catalogue Model
  • Lingerie Model
  • Runway Model

Generally speaking, you have to work your way up this ladder. Foot Models are viewed as being beneath Runway Models here. If you first try and apply for one of the higher roles, it's very unlikely that you'll be offered an interview. However, once you start off as a Foot Model and build a portfolio of work, experience, and connection, you'll then start to see promotions and job offers come your way.

The BitLife Model career starts with a simple question.

How do I become a BitLife model?

In BitLife, the job application process is always quite similar. You simply head to the Occupations tap, go to Jobs, and then apply for any of the roles currently available. It should be noted that jobs aren't always immediately available on the job board. So if you don't see a way into the BitLife Model career of your dreams straight away, you might have to progress a few years and check back later.


Notably, and quite unsurprisingly, you need to have a very high Looks stat if you want to stand any chance of getting a BitLife model job. Your character will need at least 90% in this statistic. But if you haven't been blessed with a high Looks stat at birth, you can opt to boost this with Plastic Surgery as an Adult. The Health stat is also quite important, so making sure that's nice and high—through visiting the doctor and exercising—is a good way of keeping it high.

  • Further reading: How to manually change your stats with the BitLife God Mode option

With high Looks and Health, you can apply for the Foot Model job as soon as it appears. Assuming you're at least age 18. If your stats are high enough, you'll be offered an interview, where you answer a random question. Select the option you think fits best, and if you're successful, you'll become a BitLife model.

What are the perks of being a BitLife model?

It certainly won't come as any surprise that the main perk of being a BitLife model is the money. Selling feet pics won't earn you the big bucks (it's not that realistic), but climb the BitLife model career ladder and you'll slowly start to see your paychecks balloon from hundreds of dollars to well into the millions. On the side, sponsored photoshoots, writing books, and appearing in commercials get boost your pay further.


On top of the obvious financial benefits, if you manage to climb the ladder and become a reasonably notable model with a solid social media following, you'll unlock the Fame characteristic. From there, you can partake in extra jobs to make money and ever square off against powerful rivals in the BitLife Model industry.

And that should be everything you need to know about being a BitLife model. We've gone over how to become a model, the requirements you need to meet, and the benefits you get for climbing the corporate ladder. Armed with this knowledge, you'll be rocking the catwalk in no time at all.