BitLife money - how to become rich

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Screenshot from BitLife, showing a character with stacks of money surrounding them

BitLife is as thorough as a mobile life simulator gets, and as such, money rules supreme. Our BitLife money guide breaks down everything you'll need to know about earning, and spending, cash in BitLife. It's a crucial resource for getting the best items and living your life to the fullest, so we'll wade through the mud and explain how to get as much as possible.

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What is BitLife money?

As you might well expect, BitLife money is exactly that: the game's currency. You use money to purchase just about everything, from homes to cars and pets to private jets. Interestingly, the money you use will vary based on the nation your BitLife character lives in. For example, if your character is born in the USA, you'll have access to dollars. If they're born in the UK, they'll use pounds, and so on. It adds a bit of depth and realism to BitLife, which already aims to be as all-encompassing as possible.

Of course, BitLife money is the crucial motivator for everything you do. You'll get a job to earn that sweet yearly salary, or commit crimes to make your money a little quicker. In a game that doesn't have any specific objectives or narratives, your path is up to you, but at the end of each life, you'll get a statistic showing your net worth. As such, you'll likely want that to be as high as possible. Therefore, money rules supreme in BitLife.


How do I earn BitLife money?

The best way to earn money is to get yourself a job and progress each year, taking home your salary. Before you choose a job, it'll tell you how much you'll make each time you advance. That will be slightly more than the money you see in your account, due to the game's income tax mechanics. However, each year you play will give you a dose of cash into your bank, which you can then spend as you see fit.

There's an astounding range of jobs available, from water slide tester to president of your own country. Not all of them pay especially well, but if you stick at a job for long enough, you'll snag yourself a promotion. This usually includes a generous pay rise, so you can watch your balance stack up.

Equally, if you don't feel like entering the 9-to-5 world, you can earn BitLife money without holding down a job. The crime mechanics are especially useful here, as you can earn a good amount from burgling your neighbours, stealing cars, or robbing banks. That comes with its own set of risks, however, as you could lose all that money on legal fees, then end up in jail.


One great way of earning money is through investment and property. You can purchase a run-down house, renovate it, and sell it on for a profit. This is just one example, though, and requires a hefty amount of pre-existing wealth.

Tied to that, your best chance of being rich with BitLife money is out of your hands: being born into a wealthy bloodline. If you're born into royalty, you'll never need to worry about getting a job or earning money, as you'll instantly have millions. The same can be said if your parents are celebrities or just generally wealthy. Sadly, you can't predict if this will happen, so it's mostly down to luck.

What can I buy with BitLife money?

Just as there are a lot of ways to make money, there are even more ways to spend it. You'll primarily use your money to purchase assets like houses and cars. These are quite expensive purchases that require some saving, but they dramatically boost your net worth by doing so. Equally, you'll end up spending more money to maintain these purchases, such as fixing your car following a crash or renovating a house before you sell it.


Elsewhere, your money won't be quite as useful. You can use it to purchase more trivial experiences, such as paying for a vacation with your family or paying fees to emigrate to a different country. That's on top of other experiences like going to clubs or movie showings. However, it's especially handy in countries that don't have universal healthcare, as you'll have to pay your own medical fees. If you need surgery to remedy a condition but don't have the money, you'll be in a sticky situation.

Lastly, you can also spend BitLife money by gambling in a winner-takes-all move to accrue even more expendable income. You can head to the casino to try out blackjack, horse racing, and even the lottery in their own minigames. These methods are much riskier, and you could lose all your money by taking part. However, if you've got more BitLife money than sense, it's a good way to burn through some cash.

Which jobs are best for BitLife money?

Of course, you'll want to get the highest-paying job possible to ensure that your bank account looks as healthy as can be. That isn't always an easy feat, and as such, it's a good idea to enrol in higher education and get a degree. This will open up a path to more lucrative jobs, and pave the way for promotions in the future. In particular, you can earn a lot of money in law and business jobs. Of course, you'll need a degree and plenty of experience before landing these jobs.


Equally, jobs tied to the fame system are relatively high-paying, too. If you manage to become a singer, sports star, or actor, you can earn millions in your base salary. On top of that, you can partake in photoshoots or write a book to earn even more on the side. Those careers tend to be quite short-lived before you're unceremoniously fired for being too old, so it's best to earn as much money as you can.

That's everything you need to know about BitLife money. We've run through what money does, how to earn it, and what you can spend it on. Armed with this knowledge, you can now go out there and build up a dynasty, ensuring your future generations will remain financially secure for years to come.