BitLife mod - what do they do?

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On the off chance that you find yourself tired of the base game, you may start searching for different types of BitLife mod. While mods are out there for BitLife, we'd recommend caution when seeking them out. BitLife is a game that pushes the mobile simulator genre to the limit, letting you do almost anything you can imagine.

Yes, having full control over how your game plays out might be attractive, but you could get a similar experience by using BitLife God Mode. If you're set on modding your game, we're here to explain what these mods do and why it's often best to steer clear.

What are BitLife mods?

BitLife mods are exactly that: downloadable programs that alter the BitLife experience. They aren't endorsed by the developer Candywriter, so could very well mess with your save data or corrupt your game entirely. However, BitLife mods function exactly the same as most other game mods, adding new abilities or cheats not accessible in the base game.

Yes, BitLife mods can be versatile, with some giving you instant doses of money to negate the need to get a well-paid job, while others could let you totally customise your character before you start a save, in a similar way to BitLife God Mode.

That said, BitLife mods aren't just readily available within the game. They're separate applications that you have to manually hunt for online, before linking to your game through some tinkering. We simply can't recommend that you visit some of the sites offering these mods, especially given that there are legitimate ways of tweaking the game to your liking. Not only are mods against BitLife's terms of service, but they aren't affiliated with or approved by the developer, so it's best to steer clear of them altogether.

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What BitLife mods are available?

As mentioned above, there's a near-limitless amount of BitLife mods available. Some popular mods involve unlocking the premium in-app purchases, Bitizenship and God Mode, for free. BitLife Bitizenship is a one-off purchase that removes all advertising and adds exclusive gameplay elements like exotic pets and unlimited access to in-game social media. BitLife God Mode is a more extensive purchase, allowing you to customise your character before they're born, as well as tweaking any NPCs you encounter during your life. Customising stats lets you easily make your character a celebrity or a member of BitLife royalty, giving you even more control over your life's trajectory.

However, most BitLife mods do little more than unlock these premium upgrades. Very few make any unique gameplay changes, such as introducing a cheats mechanic or adding more occupations to the BitLife roster. As such, mods are only really there to bypass the in-app purchases, without much extra included, which is another reason to avoid them.

Are BitLife mods legit?

As we mentioned, BitLife mods are far from legit. You cannot download them from any official storefronts or pages, and they're not endorsed by the game's developer, Candywriter. Therefore, BitLife mods could easily contain malware or other viruses. Since they don't go through the vetting process required to get a game on the App Store and Google Play, they could just as easily not work or even irreversibly corrupt your game.

Equally, choosing to download BitLife mods instead of paying for the game's premium features isn't something we can recommend, since they're fairly priced and go towards keeping the game updated. Regardless of whether you're a BitLife newbie or a regular player, it's better to avoid any risk and unlock these features legitimately.

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