BitLife mafia - how to join and lead gangs

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Screenshot from BitLife, showing the character ageing from child to adult

BitLife is one of those games where you can follow practically any career path you want. If you fancy dabbling in the less-than-legal side of things, our BitLife Mafia guide will definitely come in handy. Joining the dark side on BitLife opens up a lot of exclusive morality paths and decisions, so it's something you'll definitely want to check out on a playthrough.

In our BitLife Mafia guide, we break down how to join the Mafia, as well as the various gangs that are available and the difference between them. On top of that, we'll go over how to rise up the ranks to become the prime BitLife mafioso, as well as how to get out of the criminal cycle if you have a sudden change of moral fibre.


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What is the BitLife mafia?

As you'll likely already know, BitLife is the modern equivalent of the classic text-based life simulator. You can follow practically any career path you like, and that includes occupations that are on the wrong side of the law. If you're a less committed career criminal, you can make money by stealing cars, burgling homes, and embezzling money from your day job.

However, you can also join a full-fledged gang if you want to embrace the BitLife criminal life. These organised crime groups are wholly committed to breaking the law, and they'll become a full-time job for your character. As part of a gang, you're obliged to commit high-scale crimes and donate your ill-gotten gains to the group. From there, you get a cut of the takings in exchange for the power and accessibility associated with the group.

Committing more and more brazen crimes will help you capture the attention of the gang's leader, which can then give you access to more power and money. Sometimes you'll be sent to commit compulsory crimes on behalf of the gang, such as intimidating a witness or collecting racket money. Complete them and you'll earn respect. Fail to do so, or donate pithy amounts of money each year, and your status within the gang will be at risk. You can even be asked to go and kill a target, and doing so will hugely boost your respect within the gang. However, it can draw more attention from the police, so balance your crimes wisely to avoid getting caught.

Screenshot from BitLife, showing the player joining the Irish Mafia gang

How do I join the BitLife mafia?

As you might expect, joining the BitLife Mafia isn't a totally straightforward process. You'll need to be fully invested in a life of crime, as these groups won't accept any average joe into their organisation.

  • First, make sure that you've already committed a good number of crimes. It's not too important which crimes you commit, so we recommend something reasonably low-risk but lucrative, like grand theft auto.
  • Commit at least five crimes once you turn 18, which is the minimum age to join a gang. These can be spread over several years, so don't worry about doing it all in one go. Wouldn't want to risk the police catching on, right?
  • Next, head to Jobs > Special Careers > Organized Crime.
  • From here, you can choose which BitLife Mafia group to approach. Those with lower notoriety are generally easier to join.
  • You have to select a method of getting their attention, which ranges from chauffeuring gang members to doing favours for them. Luckily, it doesn't matter too much which one you choose.
  • If you've been successful, the gang will offer you a role, usually at the Associate rank.
    • If not, rinse and repeat: commit more crimes, and try again in a few years.

What are the different BitLife mafia gangs?

In BitLife, there are six different gangs to join. They all broadly play the same, though they have different levels of notoriety. As such, you'll garner more respect for rising up the ranks of the deadlier gangs. Here are the six BitLife Mafia gangs, from the least to most respected.

  • Irish Mob
  • Latin Mafia
  • Italian Mafia
  • Russian Mafia
  • Triad
  • Yakuza

How do I lead the BitLife mafia?

As you commit more crimes and bolster your position within the BitLife Mafia, you can even end up becoming the Godfather. As you might expect, this is the highest rank in any organised crime group, and it earns you some perks, too. You won't have to contribute money to the gang, and you also won't get threatened for not doing so. However, it will drastically increase your blood pressure, so be sure to balance it with some soothing pastimes.


Unfortunately, you aren't able to recruit new members or order them around. Instead, it's more of the same, but with a higher title. It should be noted that getting to the rank of Godfather is an incredibly tough process, requiring a lot of years of crime and no small amount of luck. You'll need to hope that the current hierarchy leaves their roles at an early age, whether through death or police intervention. If not, don't be shocked if you never hit the Godfather rank.

How do I leave the BitLife mafia?

The world of organised crime isn't one you can leave easily, and that's no different with the BitLife Mafia. There are generally two ways to get out of the illegal world: either capture by the police or running away. In both scenarios, you'll be in danger from your former employers, but you can opt to turn into a police informant if you wind up captured to live just a little bit longer.

Yes, if you're captured by the police during a criminal operation, you can either testify against the gang, keep your mouth shut, or turn into an informant. If you opt for this route, it opens up a whole new minigame where you have to gather a set amount of information on your fellow gang members in a set amount of time to earn your freedom. This is usually around five years, meaning you'll need to be close to your co-workers, speaking to them and feeding through information. If successful, you'll earn your freedom and a fresh start. If you fail, then you'll be sent off to prison.

That's everything you need to know about the BitLife Mafia. Armed with this information, you can go and rise up the ranks of a criminal empire, potentially hitting the heights of becoming Godfather. It's a career path that's wildly unstable and will result in a very low morality score when you die, but it's also a lot of fun to roleplay as a would-be Scarface.