BitLife sorority - how to join a sorority

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Screenshot from BitLife, showing four characters drinking in a bar

The university and college pathways in BitLife are pretty extensive, and as such, you'll more than likely want to join a BitLife sorority. These exclusive clubs are at the heart of the BitLife experience and will provide some very interesting scenarios for your character in their young adult life.

Check out our guide to see how you can join a BitLife sorority, as well as the benefits you'll get from being a member. We'll also run through the gameplay benefits you can get from being a member, so you can weigh up whether it's worth your virtual time or not.


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What is a BitLife sorority?

In BitLife, sororities work in a similar way to real life. They're exclusive in-game societies that you join in higher education institutions like college or university. As such, they're only available to you while you're in education, and you'll have to leave once you graduate. Nonetheless, they can provide some wacky scenarios to deal with and introduce you to plenty of new friends.


Sadly, there aren't too many noticeable benefits to joining a BitLife sorority. While it's fun to be part of these exclusive clubs during your young adult years, you won't retain any extra cash or stat boosts from partaking in sorority activities. Equally, once you graduate you'll never see your sorority mates again, meaning it's more a fun distraction than a deep mechanic.

However, you do need to be in a sorority to complete the Legally Blonde challenge, which is currently ongoing. That tasks you with successfully joining a sorority, so it's crucial if you want to complete the challenge.

How do I join a BitLife sorority?

Luckily, getting yourself into a BitLife sorority is relatively easy. You'll need to be an enrolled university or college student for starters, and you'll want to have very high popularity levels for the best chance of successfully joining on your first try.


Next, all you have to do is select a sorority of your choice. There are plenty of choices available, but note that it makes very little difference which one you join, as they all play the same. Now, head to School > University > Sororities, then pick the society of your choice. Before you're admitted into the sorority, you have to correctly answer a trivia question themed around that group. For example, a sorority focused on Greek mythology may ask you a question about Zeus. Get that right, and you'll be in!

What are the types of BitLife sorority?

While there is a large variety of sororities in BitLife, they all broadly function in the same way. The quantity of sororities depends on which country you're studying in, but usually there's at least twenty. They have the sort of names you'd expect, with titles like Alpha Epsilon Phi and Delta Gamma. However, they don't have any defining features between them, so you can just choose whichever sounds most up your street.


What are the benefits of a BitLife sorority?

As mentioned, there aren't too many benefits to joining a BitLife sorority. It's more useful in adding to the realism of the higher-education experience. However, it will help you complete the ongoing Legally Blonde challenge, and is ultimately crucial to hitting the requirements for that. Equally, you can use your sorority membership to rush a rival sorority house, causing havoc upon your enemies. It's a consequence-free bit of adolescent fun in BitLife, even if it doesn't change too much.

How do I leave a BitLife sorority?

As a university-based pastime, your life within a BitLife sorority will be fleeting. While you can directly leave a sorority by dropping out of their activities, you'll probably find this isn't really worth the effort. That's because you automatically leave the sorority once you graduate from college or university anyway. Yes, you can't carry on in a sorority once you head into the adult world, so your time there won't last long at all.


That's everything you need to know about sororities in BitLife. We've gone over how to join them, how they tie into the ongoing Legally Blonde challenge, and how you can call time on your membership, too. They're the last bastion of adolescent freedom before you get a full-time job in BitLife, so enjoy!