BitLife mortician - How to become a mortician

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Image of the Patient Zero Challenge logo in BitLife.
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As the game keeps seeing new updates, you may be wondering how the Bitlife mortician job works. BitLife keeps putting out new challenges to unlock special accolades in-game, and occasionally specific occupations come into the spotlight.

The mortician is a morbid job in the game but, given BitLife is all about life and death, it makes sense it has finally arrived. It helps that it's also got a very nice salary!


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How to become a mortician in BitLife

If you're looking to become a mortician in BitLife, you first have to go to university to get a Biology degree. Unfortunately, as this is based on luck, you will have to reset your life if you don't get the option based on your core intelligence stat. Make sure to upgrade their intelligence and be studious throughout high school.


When you get through college, you should look in the jobs tab. From here, you have the chance to become a mortician. You can age up by a year to refresh the job board, until the option comes up. The biology degree isn't always necessary but it's the best way of making sure it happens.

What is a mortician in BitLife?

The mortician role is one that focuses on dealing with dead bodies. It starts off with a decent wage, but has a good progression ladder upwards. You can make a good amount of money in it, but the requirements for it are quite high. It should be easy to pass the interview once you have high intelligence and a biology degree.

When you're in, you'll complete one of the requirements for the Patient Zero challenge. That's why everyone wants to be a BitLife mortician right now!


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