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Screenshot from BitLife, showing the occupation menu, including the character's role and schedule

Screenshot from BitLife, showing the occupation menu, including the character's role and schedule

It's entirely up to you to do whatever job you want in BitLife. You can earn money by working full-time, part-time, and even freelance. And it is even possible to earn tons of money by getting involved in crime. BitLife can be a little confusing but thankfully, our guide is here to help.

Whether you're looking to strike it rich using your smarts or find a less legitimate way through life, our BitLife jobs and careers guide will ensure you get the most out of the cards that you're dealt. After all, there's not much point going after a BitLife model career if you're not quite cutting it in the looks department.

What are BitLife jobs and careers?

BitLife jobs are self-explanatory. They're as necessary in this virtual world as they are in the real world. They come in a range of different formats, too: part-time work exists for some, though the most common is a traditional full-time position.

Full-time BitLife jobs

As you might expect, these are salaried roles where your BitLife character gets a fixed wage each year: typically covering the highest-paying (and the most exclusive) fame-based jobs in the game.

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Full-time BitLife Jobs.

Though they may restrict your leisurely activities, full-time BitLife jobs often offer pay raises or promotions for good performance. That's on top of a guaranteed annual pension once you retire.

Part-time BitLife jobs

On the other end of the BitLife jobs spectrum is part-time work. Typically used by young adults over the age of 16 to earn some pennies while they study in a BitLife school, the real-life trend continues here with generally lower wages.

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Part-time BitLife jobs.

These roles often require fewer skills. So while that does mean a lower rate of pay, it makes them more accessible for those with slimmer stats. Pay rises and promotions are few and far between. As such, you'll probably only want to rely on these BitLife jobs to get you through college and into a higher-paying job with life-long prospects.

Freelance BitLife Jobs

Fixed BitLife jobs aren't for everyone, though. If you want your character to be more flexible in life, it's time to consider freelance work and one-off gigs. Available once per year, these roles involve activities like dog walking.

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Freelance jobs in BitLife.

They're hardly lucrative activities, but you'll get to negotiate your rate of pay and quickly earn what you need for the year in just a few hours. These one-off gigs are unlikely to become a staple of your BitLife experience. You won't get much (and you certainly won't get any employment benefits) but for some, it's the right call.

Criminal BitLife jobs

Lastly, there's the route of unofficial employment—criminal work. It's hardly stable work, given you only get paid for successfully completed things like bank robberies and burglaries, but with great risk comes great reward. The money up for grabs with criminal BitLife jobs is quite high. Around the $10,000 mark for single jobs, in fact. You just need to weigh up the risks of potentially coming home with nothing or perhaps not even coming home at all. If the cops catch you, you'll end up spending all of your ill-gotten gains on legal fees.

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Criminal jobs in BitLife.

How do I get a BitLife job?

Getting a BitLife job is incredibly easy. You'll get your first opportunity at age 13 with freelance and one-off gigs like dog walking and babysitting. At around $9 a pop, they're not the most lucrative, but it's a good way to start pulling your weight in society or simply saving for your future.

Once you turn 14, you can get your first part-time job. You'll unlock the complete part-time BitLife job lineup at 16, but getting on the job ladder as early as possible can lead to some better opportunities later in life. Then, once you turn 18, the entire range of BitLife jobs and careers is available to you. Here's how to get one:

Screenshot from BitLife, showing the application screen for a part-time job, detailing the role, weekly hours, and salary
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  • Tap into the Occupation menu from the left of the dashboard.
  • Select which type of job you want, including part-time, freelance, or full-time.
  • Choose the job you wish to apply for, checking to ensure you have the skills and qualifications required.
  • If your application is successful, you'll be invited to a job interview.
  • Pick the job interview answer that best fits you.
  • If your interview is successful, you'll be given the job.

What are the best BitLife jobs and careers?

Generally speaking, the best BitLife jobs and careers are those that pay the most—so fame-focused roles like Actor or Musician. Neither is particularly easy to get into, though. You'll need to train for years before you make it in the music industry, and being an actor requires a certain set of skills as well.

If a job involving fame sounds like too much work, though, there are some outside of the creative arts that can pay quite generously. We recommend looking into the Lobbyist, Financial Analyst, and Stockbroker jobs.

However, you'll need a university degree for these, either in finance or business. As you can guess from the job roles, they're all focused on business and high-end enterprise, so you'll need good qualifications to land these high-paying positions.

What are the worst BitLife jobs and careers?

  • Janitor
  • Potty Cleaner
  • Water Slide Tester

On the other end of the spectrum, there are some BitLife jobs and careers that you definitely won't want to pursue. These are the jobs that barely pay anything, leaving you without enough money to buy your own house or car. These jobs tend to have limited scope for promotions and pay raises, meaning you'll be stuck on a low wage for your entire career if you settle for less.

To avoid living on the poverty line, the BitLife jobs you'll want to avoid are Janitor, Potty Cleaner, and Water Slide Tester. These jobs rarely pay more than a four-figure salary, and you won't get many promotions. As such, you'll definitely struggle to give your BitLife character a fruitful life with these low-end BitLife jobs.

That's all you need to know about the BitLife jobs and career system! We've gone over the range of jobs available, how to get yourself a job, and the best roles to progress your career. With this information, you'll work your way up the BitLife career ladder in no time.

Once you've got a BitLife job, you'll want to manage your funds wisely. For that, turn to our BitLife money guide for some strict financial advice. And if you're tired of being dealt the same hand from destiny, check out our BitLife God Mode guide. It'll help you tweak your next fun just to your liking.

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