BitLife actor - How to become a movie star

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Screenshot from BitLife, showing the voiceover actor occupation

Fame and fortune are constantly within your grasp in BitLife, and becoming a BitLife actor is one of the best ways to attain them. This lucrative career path will not only grant you a healthy bank account but also worldwide fame, too, so it's definitely a job to pursue.

To help break down the mechanics behind the BitLife actor role, we've got details on what the job actually involves, as well as how you can get your BitLife character into Hollywood circles. It's not a job to take for granted, either, so we run down how to ensure your career lasts as long as possible.

What is a BitLife actor?

As you might expect, being a BitLife actor means your character will work in Hollywood, making movies and TV shows. While you don't get to do any acting directly, you instead reap all the rewards, including a healthy annual salary and even worldwide fame.

Yes, the BitLife actor life is every bit as lavish as the real thing, as it lets you become a world-renowned celebrity. From there, you can write an autobiography, take part in TV interviews, or star in advertisements for additional cash. On top of that, you'll have a vast social media following, depending on if you set up accounts for your character prior to the fame.

The main benefit, however, is the vast salary. If you manage to make it as a Hollywood A-lister, you'll take home millions a year, meaning you can buy almost anything you like. It's the most lucrative career in the game, boasting higher earnings than other similar roles like sports stars and singers. As such, becoming a BitLife actor is definitely a career to aim for.

How do I become a BitLife actor?

Becoming a BitLife actor requires successfully carving some high-level stats for your character, not to mention getting lucky with attributes like your looks and health. The most important attribute is a high looks stat, as you won't get anywhere in Hollywood without it. You'll need at least 70 looks to have any hope of succeeding. However, if you were born with a lower looks stat, you can use plastic surgery to boost your appearance.

Next, you'll need to find your footing in the acting industry. You generally need to begin with one of the smaller acting jobs on offer, like voice acting. Once you start that and progress a few years, you'll either be able to apply for the next stage of your acting career—denoted by being slightly better-paid than voice acting—or be automatically promoted. Your salary will slowly increase over the years, too.

Keep at these smaller roles, then as the years tick on you'll be able to work your way up to being a movie star. This isn't always possible, as sometimes your career will burn out at a younger age, and you'll find yourself unable to get a promotion. To prevent that, it's a good idea to use the 'Work Harder' option every now and then, as it increases your likelihood of getting a promotion.

What BitLife actor careers are available?

As hinted at, there are a few different acting careers you can get before you reach your goal of being a movie star. Starting from humble beginnings as a voice actor, you then can eventually become an actor.

This is a totally different job, which comes with new promotion possibilities, too. Sadly, there's no distinction in job title between a regular actor and a movie star, but you will be able to tell based on your paycheck. Yes, it will take a while, but you can eventually earn tens of millions from being a BitLife actor.

How do I maintain my BitLife actor career?

The future of your BitLife acting career is mostly dependent on your fame stats. When you finally make it in this career, your character will become famous and you'll get a separate fame bar at the bottom of the screen. The higher that is, the longer your career will last. That's because if it hits 0%, you're more than likely to be fired from your job.


Therefore, you'll need to make sure your character stays in the public eye. You can do this by partaking in fame-based activities like doing TV interviews, taking sponsorship deals, or writing your own autobiography. It's also a good idea to create some social media accounts for your character from an early age, as that will let you accrue followers, thus maintaining your fame.

That's everything you need to know about being a BitLife actor! It's not an easy career to attain, and it involves no shortage of luck in getting promotions when you need them. However, it's the most lucrative career in the game, so it's definitely one worth chasing.

If you like BitLife but the thought of starring in movies isn't for you, fear not. The more immoral BitLife characters can join the BitLife mafia, which is always a fun career path. Equally, you'll want to learn how to manage your BitLife money, so you never end up with an empty bank account ever again.

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