BitLife pilot - How to fly planes

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Screenshot from BitLife, showing the character having passed their pilot's test
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Out of all the hundreds of professions in the game, becoming a BitLife pilot is perhaps the hardest. As with the real thing, you'll have to meet an extensive range of criteria to even be considered. The rewards are very fruitful, but the risk of never reaching those lofty heights is very real.

Our BitLife pilot guide will breakdown what being a BitLife pilot involves, as well as deconstructing the complex application process. We'll go through the tests you have to pass to be considered, and even the stats you need to pump up if you're to have any chance of success in this high-flying field.


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What as a BitLife pilot?

The BitLife pilot role is one of the most prestigious and high-paying careers out there. It involves flying chartered planes for a living, earning very good money from airlines that employ you. Of course, since BitLife is more of a simulator than an active life experience, you don't actually do the flying. Instead, you enjoy the perks of working in a top-end job, with none of the stress or inherent risks of falling out of the sky.

How do I become a BitLife pilot?

Unlike most BitLife jobs—where you can get the toughest of roles with a university degree or two—the BitLife pilot qualifications are quite involved. You'll need a lot of money (for training), decent intelligence stats, and, perhaps most difficult of all, plenty of patience.


First and foremost, you'll still need at least one university degree. There isn't a dedicated pilot degree in any universities on BitLife, so you're free to pick just about any of them. In the past, Biology and Psychology were recommended, but that doesn't appear to be the case now.

Either way, you'll want to complete any degree that's available. Don't neglect your smarts, though, and don't get sent to jail. Being a BitLife pilot requires brains, and if you're not spending as much time studying as possible, you probably won't get the stats needed to excel. If you can't get into university, you won't be able to become a BitLife pilot in your current run.

With one university degree under your belt, the next step is a bit of a personal choice. You can either opt to go to Graduate School to get a postgrad degree, or dive straight into pilot lessons. From our experience, we've found that either option works, so don't sweat it too much.


Next, you'll need to start your pilot lessons. Head to Activities > Licenses > Flight School to get started with flight lessons in batches of one or ten hours. You'll need forty hours of experience under your belt before you take your test, though you can do this all in one year. As such, we recommend doing four ten-hour sessions and taking your test in the same year.

The test works similar to the BitLife driving test: you're given a quick question about a road sign or hazard, only this time it covers aerospace signs and signals instead. Get it right and you'll earn your license. If not, just try again.

Once you're a licensed pilot, it's time to look for a BitLife pilot job. Checking the job listings on the boards and apply for any pilot roles that come up. You generally have to start as a Junior Pilot before working your way up, but the good news is that it's a role with plenty of longevity.


What are the perks of being a BitLife pilot?

The main perk of being a BitLife pilot is quite an obvious one—a large paycheck. The first roles in this industry will bag you a salary of around $50,000. And that will only rise with promotions to more senior roles. As you climb the ladder over the next few years, you'll be promoted to Pilot, Airline Captain, and Chief Pilot in that order.

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While these roles don't come with any fame or exclusive perks, the BitLife pilot role is guaranteed to net you plenty of money over the years. Beyond the cash benefits, there are a few achievements tied exclusively to this career path: namely the Extra Leg Room achievement, and the Pilot career milestone. So if you're a completionist, you're going to want to aim high.


And that should be everything you need to know about being a BitLife pilot. We've gone through what the role is, the hurdles you'll have to pass to land the job, and the best parts of living life in the sky. Most of them, anyway.