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Apex Legends Ranked Arenas: Ranks, Maps, Leaks, and More

Many players have been waiting for Apex Legends Arenas' ranked mode since the alternative battle arena was released this season. With an official Arenas tournament all wrapped up, too, it was only a matter of time before ranked was incorporated into the popular 3v3 skirmish mode.

Ranked Arenas was finally introduced in Apex Legends Season 10, and detailed in the accompanying patch notes. However, we've broken it down so it makes a little more sense. It's mostly the same as the regular Apex Legends ranked mode, other than a few changes to the points you earn.

There's also MMR, a hidden statistic that impacts matchmaking and the amount of AP you get for winning, but we'll explain more about that later. For now, grab your favourite character from our Apex Legends tier list and join us on a journey through Apex Legends ranked Arenas mode.

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What is Apex Legends Ranked Arenas?

Basically, ranked Arenas is similar to the regular ranked mode. There will likely be tiers to climb, RP to earn through wins and kills, and harsh penalties for abandoning matches.

With Respawn employing more security guards to protect ranked modes from cheaters and DDOSers, there's suddenly a lot more reason to play ranked modes, and Arenas is good option for your warm-ups or for some high-octane 3v3 gameplay.

Things would have to be slightly different for Arenas, as there are no placements. You either win, or you lose. Players are looking forward to seeing how the points system works and being matched with opponents of a similar skill level to themselves.

Party Crasher map in Apex Legends' Arenas.
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Apex Legends Ranked Arenas New Maps


As well as Apex Legends Ranked Arenas, fans of the mode were treated to a new map, Overflow, during the Apex Legends Thrillseekers event.

Overflow is a lava-based map with three lanes. It's going to be an interesting change, as players push in different areas and will struggle to see what's happening across the Arena.

However, Respawn has announced three new maps for Season 10, which will replace the three battle royale maps currently in rotation:

  • King’s Canyon - Hillside Outpost
  • World’s Edge - Dome
  • Olympus - Oasis

Hillside Outpost is currently in rotation, alongside the regular Arenas maps.

Maps in Ranked Arenas will rotate every hour, rather than every fifteen minutes as they do (and will continue to do) for regular Arenas.

Apex Legends Arenas Leaks

The dataminers are at it again, and have uncovered a number of new Arenas content in the game files. Of course, it goes without saying that you should take all these leaks with a pinch of salt, but there could be exciting things in store for Arenas mode.

A large V-shaped building lit up with neon and palm trees scattered at its base.
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New Arenas Map - Encore

A new map called Encore has been found in the files (thanks for the image, Shrugtal). With a mix of neon buildings and palm trees, it could give us a hint at what the rumoured Season 11 map will look like - as that is said to involve beaches and forest.

Here's what the floorplan of Encore looks like, courtesy of KralRindo:

A top-down map of the new Arenas map in brown.
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Dataminers believe this new map will launch towards the end of Season 10, lending credence to the suggestion that it could be teasing the vibes for the new Season 11 map ahead of release. However, there is more than just a map in the files.

4v4 and 5v5 Arenas

Shrugtal also found localisation strings for Arenas matches with bigger squads. Whether this is a future LTM or Respawn trying different things, it could be an exciting twist on the current format.


Human Ash

We don't know whether this is specifically an Arenas leak, but Ash has a human model in the files now. We know all about her back story as a colleague (and betrayer) of Horizon, but the suggestion that this is a head-and-shoulders hologram means that human Ash could be the announcer for Arenas. Here's the model:


Could this be leading up to Ash entering the Apex Games as a competitor in full human form? Who knows, but it seems likely that she'll feature in Arenas first.


How To Gain AP In Apex Legends Ranked Arenas

AP - or Arenas Points - is similar to RP in battle royale ranked mode. However, in Arenas you don't get any points for kills or assists, it's all down to whether you win or lose. Therefore teamwork is key, and trying to take on extravagant 1v3s won't boost you up the ranks.

The Arenas ranks are the same as in ranked battle royale, but require AP to rank up rather than RP, which is calculated in a slightly different way:

  • Bronze - 0 AP
  • Silver - 2,000 AP
  • Gold - 2,400 AP
  • Platinum - 2,800 AP
  • Diamond - 3,200 AP
  • Master - 3,600 AP
  • Apex Predator - Top 500 players per platform

It does not cost any AP to take part in Ranked Arenas matches.

The same party restrictions apply for ranked Arenas as do for battle royale - you can only party with players one tier away from your rank. The only exception to this is Gold players, who can party with any teammates from Bronze to Platinum.

One major difference from battle royale is that there is no demotion protection - so a succession of bad matches could take you down from Diamond IV to Plat I. However, rewards are granted for your highest tier reached over the course of the season, not your final tier.

Valkyrie bowing to the camera.
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Apex Legends Ranked Arenas AP


After your first 10 placement matches, you'll start to earn AP (Arenas Points) for your wins, and lose some when you lose. The amount you gain or lose differs from match to match based on your MMR and your opponents' MMR, however.

Read more about MMR below.

Apex Legends Ranked Arenas MMR

As well as your rank, Arenas has a separate MMR score that is invisible to yourself and others. This is an accurate reflection of your skill, and can help to matchmake you within your rank. It will be adjusted if you have a few bad matches, for instance, without affecting your rank.

If you beat players with a much higher MMR than you, then you'll be rewarded with more Arena Points for winning a match, allowing your rank to catch up with your skill level. But if you lose a match against opponents with a far greater MMR than you, you'll lose fewer points due to the skill difference between you.

However, to start things off you have to play ten placement matches to determine your starting rank. As all players here are unranked (although they will have accrued some sort of MMR), these matches may feel a little unfair at times. You may stomp other teams, or they may stomp you. But once you've played these ten matches, your opponents should feel at a similar skill level to you.

Apex Legends Ranked Arenas Loss Forgiveness And Leaver Penalties

Similar to regular Arenas matches, players that abandon matches in ranked will receive a temporary matchmaking ban, but apparently no AP loss.

If one of your teammates quits out, however, you will receive loss forgiveness for the match and won't lose any AP.

Wraith wearing a gold cat mask in front of a blue portal.
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Apex Legends Ranked Arenas Splits

There are no splits or rank resets in ranked Arenas this season, but Respawn says it will "consider" adding them in future seasons.

That's everything we know about Apex Legends ranked Arenas! For the remainder of Season 9 you'll have to make the most of Gardens, Artillery, and Lava Fissure before the maps leave the rotation. It's all good practice for ranked, anyway.