BLAST Titans will incorporate Arenas and Olympus into Apex Legends esports

BLAST Titans will be the first official Apex Legends tournament to incorporate Arenas gameplay, the tournament organiser has revealed. The tournament is taking place over two weekends, the first of which will be battle royale mode only. This takes place from July 23 to July 25, and will feature Olympus as a secondary map, rotating with World’s Edge, which is the standard competitive map. Presumably Olympus will be played in fewer rounds than World’s Edge, hence its designation as a secondary map.

40 teams will take part in the first weekend’s action, including the 20 best teams based on Apex Legends Global Series ranking, ten teams that qualify through open qualifiers, and ten teams that are invited “wildcard teams.” The 40 teams will fight in a double elimination bracket over the course of the weekend for a slice of the €20,000 prize pool. The Apex Legends Global Series’ controversial Match Point format will be in play for day three of proceedings. 

The top 20 teams will qualify for the second weekend of competition, where another €20,000 will be on the line.

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BLAST Titans will incorporate Olympus and Arenas into Apex Legends esports

Weekend two of the competition takes place from July 31 to August 1, and for the first time players will be fighting it out in Arenas matches. The only Arenas map not in rotation for BLAST Titans will be Skull Town. The Phase Runner, Party Crasher, Thermal Station, Artillery, and Gardens maps will all be played over the weekend.

The teams from weekend one will be seeded for the second weekend, and fight it out in best-of-three matches of Arenas to whittle it down to a final eight teams. BLAST confirmed to Gfinity that these will be fought over three Arenas matches, on three different maps.

The final day of competition will shift the Arenas matches to a best-of-five series until two teams are left. A Grand Final will dictate the first BLAST Titans champions, and see who takes home the lion’s share of the prize money. 

BLAST Titans promises to shake up competitive Apex Legends as we know it, and viewers will be treated to new maps and entire new game modes played to the highest level.

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