Apex Legends' Two New Security Guards Are Banning Cheaters Already

Apex Legends has a cheater problem. It's not uncommon in games with competitive modes - the number of players currently abandoning Warzone due to cheaters is a warning to battle royales everywhere.

The situation in Apex isn't quite as bad, but if you've had a few games at the highest levels of the Apex Legends ranked ladder recently, you'll have undoubtedly experienced the cheating blight. It's mostly aimbotters that are the problem (the best Legends on our tier list have wallhacks already), but Respawn is tripling-up on its manual defenses.

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Apex Legends' Two New Security Guards Are Banning Cheaters Already

Before now, the only person banning cheaters in the game was Conor 'Hideouts' Ford, Respawn's sole Apex Security guard. But it's difficult for one man to hold the door against a barrage of hacks. Hideouts confirmed months ago that the developer was in the process of hiring a Japanese counterpart to him, who would work when he was asleep. This person, and one other, are now on board and wielding their ban hammers with vengeful fury.

Players are obviously delighted with this, with everyone from ALGS pros to the biggest Twitch streamers rejoicing that more cheaters would be getting banned.

Having three times as much security means that players should encounter three times fewer cheaters in their matches, regardless of what mode they're playing. Players may still have their gripes with the game - mostly to do with the state of the volatile servers - but this is a statement of intent from Respawn, and the developer is taking the cheating issue seriously.

The future of Apex Legends looks bright, or at the very least less cheater-filled, so there's never been a better time to load up your Prowler and jump into a game.

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