GTA San Andreas VR: Release Date, Price And Latest News

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GTA San Andreas VR has been confirmed as being on the way, and naturally, the first thing on our minds is its release date.

Announced at the latest Facebook Connect event, we're excited to see yet another PS2 classic enter the world of VR gaming, as we've already seen great success with titles like Resident Evil 4.

Here's what we know about the upcoming VR port, including when it could be on the way.


GTA San Andreas VR Release Date

As things stand, Rockstar hasn't provided a release date or even a window for GTA San Andreas VR, but we do have some thoughts...

We'd think that the game will be heading our way either towards the end of 2022 or perhaps even early 2023, however, we can only guess at this point as there is no confirmed release date just yet.

PSVR 2 is tipped to release around this time though, so whether Rockstar decides to release alongside it or later is yet to be seen.

San Andreas VR Release Date
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Credit: Facebook Connect

GTA San Andreas VR Price

There's also been no official word from Rockstar on the pricing of GTA San Andreas VR, but looking at other VR games may give us an indication of what to expect.

The last Rockstar-released VR port, LA Noire VR: The VR Case Files, carried a price of around £24.99/$29.99, so it would make sense for GTA San Andreas VR to carry a similar price tag, although could be a little bit more expensive.

GTA San Andreas VR Latest News

Other than the original announcement at Facebook Connect, there's been very little official news on GTA San Andreas VR since, leaving us with more questions than answers.

The new enhanced version of San Andreas may give us some indication of what to expect, however. Ben Turpin from Rockstar Intel found a VR debug command within the game's Unreal Engine that allows the game to run in first person, and it is possible that this first-person mode could be used as the basis for San Andreas VR.

We've seen Rockstar do first-person modes well, as on the Xbox One and PS4 release of GTA V in 2014, and it would make sense for San Andreas VR to offer up an even sharper and more immersive experience.


Something we do know for certain though is that GTA San Andreas VR is going to release on the Oculus Quest 2 and therefore join its vast games library that also includes some amazing titles like Beat Saber, Skyrim VR and Superhot VR.

If the game performs well on that generation of headset though, then it could be ported over for the following Meta Quest 3, or the Meta Quest Pro, otherwise termed as Project Cambria.

We'll be back with as soon as we hear more.

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