VALORANT Agent Chamber: Riot Reveals Character Inspiration And Goals With The New Sentinel

Riot Games recently confirmed that Chamber, the new Agent, will be released two weeks into VALORANT Episode 3 Act 3. He will be classified as a Sentinel and will have mechanical outplay abilities in-game.
The official date for Chamber's release hasn't been revealed yet, but Episode 3 Act 3 will commence from 2nd November 2021.

Developers at Riot revealed all the information fans want to know about the Chamber's creation. They answered some of the questions the community had about the inspiration, ideation and creative process behind this new Agent.

The concept of mechanical outplays is quite intriguing in VALORANT, which is why the devs at Riot decided to share some insight for players. Before delving into the story, remember to check out all the new leaks surrounding VALORANT Map 8, which might release in Episode 4 Act 1.

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VALORANT: Devs Reveal Inspiration Behind New Sentinel Agent Chamber

This image features the key art for the new VALORANT Agent Chamber, releasing in Episode 3 Act 3.
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Credit: Riot Games
VALORANT new Agent Chamber key art

While answering some of the questions, VALORANT's Character Producer John Goscicki, revealed some of the goals they had in mind with Chamber's creation.

He said, "We started by thinking about different ways to approach the Sentinel role. Early on, our thought process wrapped around the idea of “someone that bunkers down, and holds a location by getting frags.” As we worked on Chamber, the evolution of someone who can hold down a site with an array of weapons emerged. Between your loadout, his pistol/ult, and gadgets, a player should be able to hold down a location—but it’s up to you to use the tools correctly and creatively."

He also revealed some of the inspiration and notable concepts the developers wanted to convey with the new VALORANT Agent Chamber.

John Goscicki: "We took a lot of inspiration from the archetype of “the gentleman assassin.” As we dove deeper into creating Chamber, it became clear that his gameplay revolved around highly lethal, pinpoint accuracy. That feeling was the core of his thematic: the idea that the distance of the shot, the breeze in the wind, the type of powder in the ammo, all these fine details must be taken into account to land the perfect hit. A person like that would care about the finer things in life as well—from the cut of his vest, to the color of the threading, and how shoes would bring the whole outfit together. The perfect shot must be as immaculate as the look."

This image features the sniper rifle carried by VALORANT new Agent Chamber
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Credit: Riot Games
VALORANT new Agent Chamber Sniper Rifle

Furthermore, the official description of Chamber describes this new Sentinel as a "well dressed and well-armed, French weapons designer Chamber expels aggressors with deadly precision. He leverages his custom arsenal to hold the line and pick off enemies from afar, with a contingency built for every plan."

John Goscicki: "As always just very appreciative of all of your support, we couldn’t make VALORANT without you. Good luck out there landing the perfect shot!"

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