VALORANT: How To Play Jett After Recent Nerfs In Episode 3?

VALORANT Episode 3 Act 2 is currently in its last few weeks, and fans are ambivalent about the recent changes surrounding Jett. The fan-favourite Agent was recently nerfed in patch 3.07, but there is more to that

Recently, Riot developers informed the community that Jett received a passive nerf in the recent patch 3.08 update. This nerf increases the weapon equip time after Jett dashes in a specific direction. Players went ahead and checked this in practice mode, and it seems that a silent nerf was issued for Jett. This nerf was not mentioned in the patch notes, and it creates a huge difference in-game.

This was fixed with a recent hotfix update, although players are wondering if Jett is still the best duelist in VALORANT. Regardless, professional players and experts claim that Jett's efficiency hasn't been diminished at all with these changes.

So, if you are wondering how to play Jett after these recent nerfs, then we have you covered. Before you jump in, make sure to check out everything you need to know about Agent 17 Deadeye. Don't forget that a new Map 8 is also coming to VALORANT soon, possibly with Episode 4 Act 1.

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VALORANT: Jett Is Still S Tier After Major Nerfs

After the recent nerfs, numerous players felt that Jett will fall from the Agent's tier list in VALORANT. However, the changes implemented by Riot were relatively balanced. Currently, Jett can only use two clouds of smoke, and her ultimate doesn't regenerate after a close-burst right-click.

In a recent hotfix issued on 26th October, Riot fixed Weapon equip animation time with dashes. However, Tyson "TenZ" Ngo feels that the recent nerfs for Jett are fine. He explained in a tweet that Jett is a character that is picked almost every time. Thus, a nerf like this would only increase the skill-cap for players using the duelist in competitive matches.

Jett's knives were nerfed significantly, and it's currently more about precision than blind-spamming. The right-click was a strong secondary option for Jett's knives, but the developers have rendered it to be a one-time ability.

This has increased the skill-ceiling for Jett players, ensuring that it becomes easier to punish this Agent for simple mistakes. Recently in a ranked match, 100T Steel highlighted how these Jett nerfs are affecting players while entering Spike Sites.

The following clip highlights how important it is to be precise with Jett's knives after the recent updates. The clip features Sentinels ShahZam whiffing hard with Jett on the new map Fracture, proving that even the best can fail with this Agent.

Nevertheless, Jett still stands as one of the best duelists in VALORANT despite all the recent nerfs. The only major change is that players will have to be more decisive with smoke usage, and incredibly precise with the knives.

Jett's competitive pick rate still remains to be the highest amongst duelists in competitive tournaments. It will be interesting to see how Riot Games implements further changes regarding Jett in VALORANT Episode 3 Act 3.

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