VALORANT: Agent 17 Deadeye To Be Delayed For Two Weeks In Episode 3 Act 3

Recent updates from popular community expert @Valorleaks suggest that Agent 17 Deadeye is delayed for two weeks. He highlighted a redacted Riot blog post in the tweet which mentions that Deadeye will arrive with Patch 3.10.

Popular VALORANT data miner @floxeye also posted a similar blog post which confirms the delay with Deadeye's release. Translations from the official Riot posts reveals that the developers are delaying the Agent for final touches. Meanwhile, Episode 3 Act 3 will commence on schedule starting from 2nd November.

VALORANT character producer, John Goscicki, highlighted in the official blog that the gameplay operation is not clear enough, the visual cues during spy operations are still not in place. Thus, Agent 17 Deadeye will be two weeks too late in the upcoming Act.

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VALORANT: Agent 17 Deadeye Delayed For Two Weeks In Episode 3 Act 3

VALORANT Episode 3 Act 2 is just a week away from completion, and Agent 17 gets a two-week delay. The developers highlighted that fans will get to see an early glimpse of the Agent on 29th October, but this barely solves the problem.

Fans have been expecting to see Deadeye for quite some time now, and this delay only adds to the expectations. Nevertheless, Episode 3 Act 3 will commence on schedule, and players are looking forward to seeing some new game modes in VALORANT.

Here's what the developers had to say about this recent delay in Deadeye's release.

"Hey All! It’s John Goscicki, VALORANT character producer, with some news—a “State of the Agent,” if you will. Episode 3 Act III kicks off soon, and we know because of our past cadence that you’ve come to expect new Agents to drop with the start of a new Act.

I’m here on behalf of the team to tell you that the next Agent, who goes by “———,” will launch two weeks after the start of EP3 Act III, with Patch 3.10.

As development progressed on the new Agent, it was clear to us that they were not at the quality bar you’ve come to expect from us. It’s why we’ve opted to hold the Agent for an additional two weeks, while we work on polishing up those final aspects. Sometimes the last 10% of work really brings together the previous 90% of work.

Our concern is that gameplay clarity, such as visual cues of what the Agent is doing, was not quite there yet. In a game like VALORANT where decisions are made in milliseconds, these aspects must be there. This was not an easy decision for us, and hope you understand while we take the extra time to wrap up the final loose ends.

Some good news! We’re still excited to show you what the next Agent is all about. Stay tuned to our social channels tomorrow—October 29 4 pm BST—for a look at the upcoming Sentinel."

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