Valheim: Where to Find Iron

You can make plenty of tools and items in Valheim.

One of the most vital being iron and you'll want to get it as soon as you can.

Below you can find out where to find iron!

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Where to Find Iron

You'll be able to find Iron in the Sunken Crypts of the Swamp biomes.

They're lit by green torches and have an iron gate.

It will be locked so you'll need to get the Swamp Key, see here for an in-depth guide on how to do so.

Let's summarise how to defeat the Elder who will drop the Swamp Key:

  1. Head to the Black Forest biome.
  2. Slay Graydwarves Brutes and Graydwarves Shamans until you collect 3 Ancient Seeds.
  3. Find the Black Forest altar, locations will vary.
  4. Place the 3 Ancient Seeds in the Black Forest altar.
  5. The Elder will be summoned, defeat him.
  6. The Swamp Key will drop as a reward which leads onto the next boss, Bonemeal, accessible through the Swamp Crypts.

Click here to get a full guide on defeating the Elder.

Once you are able to get int the Sunken Crypts you'll find Muddy Scrap Piles.

You can destroy these using a pickaxe and they will drop scrap iron!

You'll need to smelt the scrap iron into an iron ingot.

You will then need to smelt the scrap iron to get an iron ingot.

Valheim is the next Viking title to take Steam by storm, there are plenty of plans for the future with the 2021 roadmap. You can even set up a dedicated server and play with your friends in coop! If bosses interest you, there's already four in the game Eikthyr, the Elder, Bonemass and Modor, you'll require plenty of items along the way like the Swamp Key.

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